Oh Sweet Coffee

So before today, I always thought turning 40 would be traumatic.  Some sort of death.  I would always hear about other people getting depressed over reaching another decade.  SoI have been pleasantly surprised when this milestone hit for me, and as it would turn out, I am happy about it.  But then I think I found my traumatic moment.

I took the day off of work to just sit and relax by myself.  No company.  No kids.  No cares in the world.  But then Klara, my youngest, asked me to come to her school to have lunch with her.  How could I refuse?  Since I had time, I leisurely got up, took my shower, and sat down to play on Facebook. When it was almost time to leave, I remembered I hadn’t had my coffee yet.  I had forgotten to make it.  So I started brewing a pot, but had to leave to meet Klara for lunch before it was finished.  I enjoyed a quick lunch with her then returned home.  Once home, I went to get some coffee, only to discover a pot of hot water.  Did I forget to put the coffee in?  I checked.  The grounds were there.  How in the world….oh, I must have filled the pot with water, but then forgot to pour it into the reservoir.  Silly me.  So I poured the water in and restarted it.  Then I chatted on the phone with my friend Lori.  Starting to get a headache from not having coffee yet, I decided to meet my friend Tina for Starbucks.  I couldn’t wait for this pot to brew any longer.  I took off for work to pick her up.

Tina and I proceeded downtown to our favorite Starbucks.  The one that knows our drinks without us even having to order.  The only one in town that always gets them right.  The only one that always tastes right.  Tina was treating me for my birthday, but it was extra nice when they gave her my drink for free for my birthday.  Our drinks were served and I took a drink.  Something wasn’t right with my Skinny Vanilla Misto.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Tina tasted it.  Then we determined it was watery.  Where was the coffee?  They asked me if I wanted to wait for a fresh pot of my favorite coffee to be brewed, or if I wanted to settle for the Christmas Blend.  I said I would take the Christmas blend.  My drink was whipped up a second time.  I took a sip, but it still tasted strange.  It too, was weak.  Instead of sitting around, Tina and I walked to the convenience store while they re-brewed the coffee I loved – Pike Place Roast.  When we got back, they finished the fresh batch of coffee, made my Skinny Vanilla Misto, and we were ready to be on our way.  Sip…..Still not right!  The espresso in Tina’s drink was fine, so we decided that since the coffee was weak for some reason, we would throw in a shot of espresso.  Nope, that just made it bitter.  They added more vanilla.  I couldn’t seem to taste it.  I added a couple Splendas.  It still wasn’t right.  I couldn’t keep Tina away from work any longer.  We started to head back.  I couldn’t drink my coffee.  It just didn’t taste right.  Thank goodness it was free.

Tina couldn’t let me go without, so we stopped at another Starbucks.  She was determined to buy me my coffee.  I went in, and this time I decided to order the Vanilla Misto minus the “skinny”.  Just give me the sugar and all.  My drink was completed and I took a sip.   AGAIN – it tasted odd!  OMG ….did turning 40 mean the death of my taste buds?  Was I no longer going to enjoy the drink I love so much?  I started laughing.  The barrista put more vanilla in it for me.  I still couldn’t taste it!  I laughed even harder.  As I tried to put the lid back on the drink, foam squirted out the top.  I was going to lose myself in laughter.  It was all so surreal.  So, if 40 wasn’t going to be traumatic, fate was going to ruin my taste buds – is that it?

Four drinks later and I am home.  The Starbucks coffee I brew at home is complete, but already starting to get cold since I was out so long.  You know, I think I will have to forget coffee for the day and pray tomorrow everything is back to normal.  If I can’t have coffee, I’m not sure I want to be 40!  😉



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