No Secrets Here

I am surrounded by the most wonderful, yet funniest people in my life.  While I know they can keep “MY” secrets, they can’t seem to keep secrets about me from me.  Let me tell you about my week.

Last week Monday was my 40th birthday.  The week prior was Thanksgiving, and I had taken several days off from work.  Because of the difficulty of planning something around a holiday, my friend Tina caved and started to tell me what she and my friend Lori had planned for my birthday.  I didn’t want to let her ruin the surprise, so I said, “NO…don’t tell me.”  Then I made it through the holiday to the weekend.  In the meantime, Tina asked me if I would go to an appointment with her the following Saturday (a week after my birthday).  Of course I would.  But I was suspicious.

On Sunday after Thanksgiving, I was over at Lori’s house, and she gave in and told me what they had planned for the day before, because it didn’t work out.  I’m still perplexed as to why it didn’t work out – it seemed so easy to me 😉 – but it was humorous to watch them both struggle with what was supposed to be a secret.

On Monday, my actual birthday (and my last day off), I received a phone call asking me to go over to Lori’s house.  Again, I was very suspicious.  I walked in the door and was met with both Tina, Lori, Dustin and all the kids, and a giant cupcake with a candle it in.  They were very sweet.  And I was very happy.  It wasn’t a grand surprise party, but it was exactly what I was wanting at that moment.  It was a quiet, uneventful day.  Perfect if you ask me.

Then just when I thought it was all over with….it wasn’t.  Because everything “fell apart” on them, Tina cancelled our Saturday appointment and confessed that was something they tried to plan as well.  The day of what would have been the “appointment”, I felt very ill.  I was so glad whatever it was had been cancelled.  I finally got out of bed at noon and tried to stomach lunch with my hubby and kids, when Tina called.  I was describing to her how ill I felt, and she said, “OH NO!”  She was calling because her boyfriend Danny had a friend that was singing that night, and she was so happy that she had been able to talk Lori and Dustin into going to see him and had a babysitter lined up for all of our kids.  Now all of us actually going out without kids is a rare thing, so I didn’t want to miss it.  I told her that I would still go, but I was going to go home and take a nap first.  It was only 1:00, and I had until 5:45.  When I got home, I asked Klara to wake me up at 4:00.  She did just that.  But I was miserable.  I stayed in bed and 5:00 came.  Then came a phone call from Tina.  We needed to leave at 5:30 now.  I had half an hour to decide if I could make it or not.  Chris told me I looked terrible and asked me if I wanted to go.  I sat in bed, unsure myself.  At 5:05 I got up and started getting ready.  I wasn’t passing up an opportunity for all of us to go out, kid-free.  The down side was that we were planning on taking one car.  I thought maybe we should take two in case I can’t make it as long as everyone else, but I was still going.

Then Chris came in with a worried look on his face.  I was putting on my makeup, a sure sign that I was going.  But I guess it wasn’t obvious to him, so he then proceeded to “spill the beans”.  He needed to know if I really wanted to go out, because we weren’t going to see someone sing, we were all going out to celebrate my birthday.  I wanted to laugh!  OH MY!  They would have actually had me on this one, but once again, my closest friend (my husband), couldn’t manage to keep the secret.  I laughed and told him that they were all terrible secret keepers.  I was obviously going, since I was putting on makeup, and now this made me want to go even more, sick or not!  This was even better than a surprise party – the fun of watching everyone I know cave into telling me!  Chris asked me not to rat him out and to pretent to be surprised.  Tina showed up to our house, and I didn’t have to rat Chris out.  He ratted himself out.

We drove to pickup Danny, then headed to the restaurant that I had picked out two months ago.  Originally they said they had thought I would have figured it out anyway just by arriving at the restaurant. Ironically, the way this restaurant is situated (inside another shopping area) they would have been wrong.  I would have said, oh, they have a bar here?  We pulled up on the back side of the building, and it didn’t look familiar to me at all.  Again, they don’t know how well they would have fooled me if only the could keep a secret.  Better luck next time guys!  But thank you all for such a lovely dinner.  I love you all!


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