Don’t Lose Hope

What do you do when someone you love walks out?  What do you do when you can see that they left due to reasons that aren’t really there?  Reasons created over time, with issue upon issue compounding on top of each other in an over-stressed environment.  An environment that creates false perceptions.  What do you do when you know there is help for your friend- an easy fix.  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do.  For once they reach that point, all help and love turns into a low murmur that can no longer be discerned into words.

Someone I love walked out on me this past week.  A dear friend.  I know she is battling some of the same demons I battled a year ago.  It’s a battle she must fight alone.  No one can give her the answers, they must come from within.  No one can give her the tools she needs.  She must seek them out herself.  There is really nothing that can be said or done.  She has a difficult journey in front of her, yet an easy journey as well.  How can it be difficult and easy at the same time?  Well, when you go through the stress of life and it drags you down to the lowest point, it seems very difficult to find your way out.  You can’t see the path that is always there.  For me, that path was therapy and medication.  Medication calmed my over-powering stress, and therapy brought clarity into my life.  It helped me recognize when stress was taking over my perceptions and leading me astray.  It may be the same for someone else.  It may not be.  But once you discover the path you need, the climb back up is ever so easy, and when you look back to where you were, you wonder why you ever thought it was so hard in the first place.

So what do you do when someone you love has reached that low point…a point so low that they lose sight, and directions to the path are muffled out?  You hope and you pray.  You pray that God [or whatever eternal being you believe in] helps them find that path that will help them out of their darkness.  You pray that the light of loved ones will help illuminate that path.  You pray they find their way back into your life.  And you wait patiently and try to hold onto the love you have for that person.  For when they find their path, they will need every bit of love the world has to offer to stay on that path.

By Kris Heaton Posted in Friends

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