I’ve Lost It

I’ve lost it.  No – not my mind – just stuff.  You know it’s a sign of having too many things going on in your life when you keep misplacing stuff, but I also hear it’s a sign of getting old.  I refuse to admit to that one!  Sure I have had those idiotic moments, where I asked (out loud) if anyone has seen my cell phone, only to discover it was in my hand the entire time.  (True Story!)  Still, some days I think I would lose my head if it weren’t attached.  Here are some of the weird things I have recently lost (at least what I can remember):

  • I found the kids with one of my favorite fall decorations outside – a metal pumpkin.  I could have sworn I picked it up and took it in the house.  I haven’t been able to find it since.
  • My kids were playing with one of our spare house keys.  I put it up for safe keeping….I have no idea where it is now.
  • I have about a dozen scarfs.  Some were purchased or received as gifts.  Some I knit myself.  Now that winter is here, even though I keep all our winter items in one large plastic container, I can only find one scarf.  Where did they all go?
  • I ordered a gift card via the mail for this Christmas.  I received confirmation when it was sent.  I think I remember receiving it in the mail.  But now I can’t find it.  Did I get it and “hide” it? Did I even get it?  I can’t remember for sure!
  • My white underwear has disappeared.  Yes – only the white ones.  The colored ones are still where they should be.  Perhaps this is because I wash my clothes separately from the rest of the family’s clothes.  Yet sometimes I will wash all the whites together, and it is possible that the kids received them in their laundry.  But no one is confessing or returning them.  God knows no one else in the house can fit in them!
  • As if my underwear disappearing wasn’t bad enough, this past weekend I discovered that my red bra has also vanished.  Yes – just the red one.  Don’t laugh.  Sometimes I like things to match.  But seriously?  Certainly no one else in the house cold wear that either!

So now that the writing of this blog has been interrupted a few times, I have already lost my train of thought as well.  Go figure.  Let’s just hope I can start to find some of these missing items – at least before any house guests do.  😉

By Kris Heaton Posted in Aging

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