Letting Go

It’s four a.m.

I can’t sleep

Recent events

My mind can’t keep


God has given me

A new birthday gift

New found clarity

My veil has begun to lift


It’s hard letting go

But no one can win

When perspective is everything

And truth is treated like a sin


My love is still here

Even though it won’t be seen

For some the veil is too thick

Hence perspective is everything


I am human

I could lash out too

There is a side you don’t know of me

But what good could that do


So I see it’s a losing battle

And I choose not to fight

Perspective is not everything

No one person can be totally right


So I can no longer follow you

Down that treacherous road

Until your veil begins to thin

I am learning how hard it is to let you go


By Kris Heaton Posted in Poetry

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