Fill in the Blank Friday – Christmas Eve Eve Edition

 Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone!  As I sit here by the fireplace, I am happy and content and oh so ready for THE day to get here.  The only way it would be any better right now is if we had a little snow on the ground outside.  Those of you with snow will just have to enjoy it for me.

1.  The best way to spread Christmas cheer is simply being nice to ALL!  That includes the guy trying to cut in front of you in heavy traffic. Give him a break – he may not know where he is going.  😉
2.  The thing I love most about Christmas is it is the one time of year most people let go of being selfish and turn to giving.  I love hearing all the recent news stories about people paying for others’ layaway bills, or donating expensive coins/jewelry to the Salvation Army anonymously.  They aren’t doing it for kuddos, they are doing out of love.
3.  The holiday season is a time for sharing:  Sharing joy, peace and most importantly love.  Yes, it would be wonderful if we could do that year-round, but it’s very special to open our hearts during the holidays.
4. My favorite thing to eat at the holidays is Turkey and mashed potatoes. 
5.  I will be spending Christmas  in my favorite place – HOME.  Of course I won’t be alone.  I will have the joy of having my family and in-laws sharing the holiday with us.  But “there is no place like home”.  🙂
6.  Tis better to (give or receive?) This is an age old question, and the answer is always the same – For a Kid it would be receive, but now that I am older I truly do enjoy the act of giving and picking out items I believe the receiver would truly appreciate based on what I know about them.  There is so much satisfaction to watching someone open a gift from you and recognizing the thoughtfulness of it. 
7.  I’m dreaming of a  white, quiet, relaxing, happy, peaceful Christmas for both my home and yours.  Thank you for sharing my blog.

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