Listen to your Gut

I am a firm believer in listening to your intuition.  However, this morning is a prime example of why it is important to listen to your gut as well – and by gut, I mean the stomach.  If you have a stomach so weak that you can’t read stuff without getting sick, stop reading here.

Since Christmas Eve, I have been suffering from some lung ailment and have gone to a clinic twice to try to get rid of it.  Each visit had different results, but in the end, I am on a bronchial steroid and an antibiotic.  Most of the time, I feel ok.  I just can’t laugh, or I burst out into a coughing fit.  So with this inhaler and antibiotic, I have to take them both in the morning and evening.  I have the system down, or so I thought.  This morning I ate a banana and had some orange juice so that I could take my antibiotic.  I know never to take it on an empty stomach, and since I ran out of quick breakfast items for myself at home, I figured a banana would suffice until I could get to work and get something else to eat.  Before I even left the house, I knew a banana wasn’t enough.  So in my mad dash to get out the door, I grabbed a couple handfuls of Cheerios and ate them as well.  Then Virginia and I hit the road.

Before I even got to the highway, I felt my stomach turning worse.  I contemplating the very few fast food place by the highway that I could hit, but I noticed they all had lines already.  I thought to myself, “I can make it at least to my morning Starbucks stop,” and got on the highway.  As I drove down the highway the feeling got stronger.  I glanced around the car for a bag of some sort “just in case”.  Nothing.

As the acid in my stomach churned up worse, I started scoping out the traffic scene and good areas to pull off of the highway, again “just in case”.  No, I continued to think to myself I could make it at least to Starbucks.  I had a bottle of water that I kept quickly sipping on.  For some reason, I thought that may dilute the contents of my stomach and slow everything down.  Not so.  In fact, I think it sped everything up.  I should have listed to my stomach and pulled over.  I tapped Virginia (because she always has headphones on) and was going to attempt to tell her to text my friend Tina, whom I was going to pickup at Starbucks, to let her know that I was feeling sick and may be late, but even before Virginia could turn to ask me what I wanted, my reflexes took over and my hand shot up to cover my mouth.  She turned with a “What?”  I couldn’t move my hand.  Just as she yelled, “Mommy NO” at me, up it came.

Now if you haven’t ever thrown up while driving, which I’m sure most people haven’t, it’s a very scary situation.  Especially in heavy traffic.  I was trying to hold everything in while maneuvering the car to the edge of the road.  That wasn’t enough.  I had to open my car door too, and therefore, had to drive a little further down so I could do that safely.  In the meantime, all that water, the banana and my antibiotic forced their way out of my stomach and all over me.  I flung the door open and dispelled the remaining contents of my stomach.  What a horrible, horrible feeling – both physically and mentally.

My phone was dying and for some reason the charger didn’t want to work.  I managed to call Tina and give her the bad news.  There was no way I was going to make it.  Even if I felt better after this, I now needed to go home, change my clothes, and possibly even take another shower.  Add to that, the chore of cleaning up the inside of the car.  Luckily, most of it was on me, not the car – if you call that lucky.

I got home as my husband was about to take Klara to school.  I am sure I looked atrocious as I got out of the car.  We swapped children so he could take Virginia, while I ran into the house and quickly stripped off every article of clothing I had on and threw them in the washing machine.  With fresh clothes on, I proceeded back down to my car to clean it out.  Now, either nothing got anywhere in the car, or my husband already cleaned it out, because there was nothing for me to clean.  I think he did it.  I sure do love that man!

I ran Klara to school, and declared this a day off for me.  I may not listen to my gut when I should have, but I am going to listen to the universe as it gave me this opening to stay home today.  I highly recommend taking antibiotics with food, or waiting until you have food.  But definitely don’t hesitate to pull over the first moment you feel that urge!


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