Just Dance – If You Can

I used to dance quite often in my younger years.  I could go to a club and dance all night without getting tired or hardly breaking a sweat.  But that was then.  Fast forward 15-20 years and two kids later.  I no longer hang out at clubs.  I haven’t done that since pre-kids.  And until this past year, I was never really one for exercising.  Last summer, my friend Tina got me into going to bootcamp with her, and that started to get me in good shape.  I moved on to working out with my hubby a few days a week closer to home.  Then the holidays happened.  between Halloween and New Year’s Eve I think we made it to the gym maybe a total of five times.

New Year’s resolutions aside, we decided to return to the routine we had of going to the gym.  The plan was three days a week.  So far we are lucky to make it one day a week.  But at least it’s something.  But I quickly found out that my body has chosen to “forget” all that I had done last year. Now one simple workout was difficult and walking turned excruciating the two days following said workout.  So, having decided that once a week at the gym isn’t going to cut it, and because I hate to go the gym alone on nights my dear hubby works late, I opted for a different solution.  Last night I challenged my kids to a little cardio session with our Wii and Just Dance 3.  Before the first song was over, I was breathing heavy and dripping in sweat.  I looked at Virginia and asked her if she knew what to do if I collapsed on the floor. Thinking I was joking, she replied, “What?”.  “Call 911 child!”  She laughed.  I was serious.  I could feel my heart beating out of my chest.  I was sure any minute it would break through and hit the television with a gruesome splat.  Lucky for me, it did not.

As I let my body get adjusted to cardio, the music played on, and on, and on.  As I got more and more tired, my legs moved less and less, and I let my arms do all the work.  There was no denying it.  My children kicked my butt.  This once-dance-all-night-girl could no longer do it.  When I reached a point, where I could no longer take bouncing around and feeling all the extra pounds of fat in my lower regions jiggle painfully, I decided to use my hand weights to do some strength exercises – ready for this – TO THE BEAT.  Lunges, squats, curls, presses, push-ups.  All while trying to keep up with kids and the music.  Before we knew it, it was past their bedtime, and I hadn’t even fed them dinner yet!

So we rummaged up some food and took a break.  Well I did anyway.  Virginia kept dancing for another 45 minutes.  When my dear hubby walked in the door from work. I tried to stand up.  My legs were already jelly.  Painful jelly.  Does that exist?  Well it did in my legs.  I felt all the pain, but couldn’t use my legs.  I literally crawled up the stairs to tuck my kids into bed and then crawled back down to my own bed.  But even with all that pain, I was pleasantly surprised I could walk the next day (today).

So this evening, once again, I decided to give it a try one more time.  After all, I had some practice, and now I knew some of the songs and their moves.  Song one – Virginia wins.  Song two – I win.  Song three – I win again!  Song four – I won again!  Oh yeah baby, I was kicking butt!!  Then a Wii remote died.  A forced break = a welcome break.  😉

After a 15 minute pause, the remotes are charged and the music is starting back up.  Ok, I’m no longer warmed up. Virginia took me out on the next dance.  But it was close!  And I came back with an awesome win on the next dance.  The score so far (in case you can’t keep up) 4-2! 🙂  But on the down side, I’m really sweating.  Virginia is NOT!  NOT FAIR!  Ok, well maybe it’s because I have fat that can melt and seep out of me and she doesn’t. But still – NOT FAIR!  Let’s hope it’s working on me anyway. At least tonight my heart is not beating at a pace that feels like I could have a stroke at any minute.

Then a song plays that Klara wants to do.  I surrender the remote.  A break is good for me.  Virginia is still going strong.  She doesn’t need a break.  I guess that is the equivalent of one more point for her.  😦  So now I guess it’s 4-3.  She’s gaining on me – and STILL NOT SWEATING!  I sat out a song, and haven’t stopped sweating.  Next song – A TIE!! How is that possible?!!!  Moving on.  Next song, another win for me.  Another song…I was ahead…then my muscles started locking up.  Virginia’s favorite song.  She does it all the time. I can’t keep up.  I can’t move the finish the song.  It keeps going on and on and on and on.  She beats me.  It’s been an hour, and my muscles won’t let me continue any longer.  Final score – Me 6, Virginia 5.  Sure it may appear I won, but Virginia continued dancing on, and on and on.  Still without sweating.  I guess I must concede to the fact that she is definitely the winner here.  Youth will probably always win, but I may keep these little challenges going.  This is definitely a very fun way to get in the cardio.  Still – it sucks getting old.


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