Fill in the Blank Friday

1. If money wasn’t an issue, the first thing I’d cross of my life list is a trip to Europe.

2. Ketchup on rice is something I like that other people think is weird.

3. If my life were a movie right now, the title would be    “Moms Going Crazy”, or if I had to chose an existing title, “the Exorcist” – mainly because this puberty thing is changing my sweet child into a demon.

4. Three things I am looking forward to this month are all taking place this weekend – having my house cleaned, Virginia’s birthday fun, and watching the Super Bowl with awesome friends.

5. My favorite song to sing in the shower is different each day, depending on what song is stuck in my head, and if there is a song stuck in my head.

6. If I found out that the production of _ice cream_was ending this month, I’d go out and buy as much as I could tomorrow.

7. One thing I’ll never grow tired of is   chocolate.


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