Uugghh – Valentine’s Day….

Here it is, four days before Valentine’s Day, and I just realized, IT’S FOUR DAYS UNTIL VALENTINE’S DAY!  AAAHHH!

Now I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, and I certainly am not without a “valentine” and all since I am married.  Yet for some reason I find this holiday is just too much pressure – and I’m not even the guy?!  What I mean by that statement is that it seems to me that Valentine’s Day is more or less a women’s holiday.  Men buy women flowers, candy, gifts, etc.  I never see commercials or advertisements where women are giving men something for Valentine’s Day.  How is that fair?  Of course, I love getting gifts.  Who doesn’t?  But then I am stuck here wondering, just what does a guy want for Valentine’s Day?  Are we suppose to buy them something?  You would think after 20 years of marriage I’d have this mastered.  Nope.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t hold the importance that Christmas or Birthdays hold, and I still have trouble finding the “perfect” gift for those occasions too.  Obviously, a Valentine’s Day gift should be the equivalent of a woman receiving flowers or candy, but what is that guy equivalent?  So there it is – pressure.  I feel bad for all the men out there that are stuck with not knowing what to get their valentine on this so-called holiday.  Hell, I don’t even know what I want to receive on such a day.  Flowers seem like a waste of money and they just wilt and die.  Candy, while yummy, just makes you fat (or full of regret after you eat it).  Jewelry – well that’s nice, if I were rich enough to blow my money on something so useless.  What’s left?

Then it hits me…I did see a commercial during last Sunday’s football game (am I allowed to call it what it is with licensing and all?)  You can watch it here.  Is that all men want to get – the proverbial “something“??  It’s so simple.  How could I be so stupid?  So I will make a trip to my favorite – shall we say novelty – store and by myself  a new outfit.  How funny – I can actually buy myself something, and yet it is still a gift!  Go figure!

And for the record….as a woman, I don’t think it is necessarilyy about the actual gift you give us, it’s more about how you make us feel with whatever you do for this “holiday.”  Oh – light bulb moment here – Valentine’s Day isn’t about what you give or receive, it’s about how you make each other feel.  I think I finally figured it out.  Maybe there doesn’t have to be so much pressure to this frivolous holiday after all.  😉


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