One of Those Moments

Every so often you may come across a moment in time where your life could have been drastically altered.  If you are lucky, nothing comes of it.  You may not even realize that everything almost changed forever.  I would like to think I am very much aware of when those moments have just happened, and I think this realization helps to change my perspective on life, or at least it provides me with a reminder of just how much we can take for granted.  I had one such moment yesterday.

It was a beautiful, warm, Spring-like day.  So after work, my friend Tina, my daughter Virginia and I chose to walk to our car (parked way out in BFE).  On the way, we passed the university’s tennis courts and baseball field.  There were a few stray tennis balls that escaped the confinements of the tennis courts, so we picked one up to take home to the dog.  Then we noticed a stray baseball across the street.  I told Virginia to run over to get it.  She did.  Then I watched as traffic cleared and yelled at her to come back.  She was messing with the ball, her ipod or her cell phone – I’m not sure which.  I yelled again.  Then I saw cars coming and told her to stay put.  Once the cars passed and it was clear, I yelled again for her to hurry up.  Then I yelled again.  I was getting frustrated.  Tina yelled at her.  Virginia looked up, smiled and then looked back down at either her phone or ipod.  I saw one of our shuttle buses coming down the hill, and even though it was a good distance away, it was traveling fast.  So I yelled back to Virginia, “Nevermind, don’t come now.”  Tina and I turned to walk a few more steps.

When we had turned away Virginia was in the middle of the sidewalk messing with her gadgets.  When I turned back, The bus was blocking our view, and cars were stopped behind it.  Within seconds I saw Virginia, still walking in the middle of the sidewalk, but come back into view from behind the bus.  The bus driver got out of the bus and walked over to say something to her.  All I could think was, “What the hell?”  So Tina and I headed across the street to find out what was going on.  Before I could get half way across, the bus driver was back in the bus and driving away.  Virginia walked up then burst out crying.  She was saying it was my fault, that I told her to cross.  I was confused.  At this point, it didn’t seem like there was any reason for all the commotion.  I told Virginia I told her not to come yet when I saw the bus.  She wanted to argue about it for a moment, then we proceeded to our car.

During the next hour of talking about the incident, it was revealed to me, that I missed the seriousness of the moment.  Apparently, in the few seconds I turned around to walk, Virginia did start to run across the street.  The bus stopped just in the nick of time.  In Virginia’s words, within “two feet”.  Suddenly it was clear.  I just watched a Lifetime Movie play through my head of what could have taken place had things turned out differently.  I grabbed her and hugged her.  I was so very thankful I wasn’t living that nightmare.  Virginia’s spirit guide (whose name we were told is Michael) was there to protect her during a moment we almost took for granted.

I am forever thankful that God has blessed both of my girls with strong spirit guides to protect them (read about Klara’s spirit guide here).  And I’m thankful I didn’t see everything that actually took place.  I’m not sure I would have been strong enough.


One comment on “One of Those Moments

  1. I started today with prayers to God and Mother Mary and also … again…. thanked God, and Mother for taking care of Gin.

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