Lover, Lover, Lover….

….you don’t treat me good no more.  (Yes, this a song. It is running through my head as I write this.)

My sweet love, I can’t wake up without you. You help me start my day. But because of you, I’m often late to work.  So it just has to be this way.

The moment you touch my lips, you make me all warm inside.  But you change my hormones as well, with results my skin and pores cannot hide.

No one is as good as you.  You make my heart skip a beat. This is turning into a deadly affair.  A secret my doctor told me not to keep.

Against my doctor’s advice, we have continued to meet.  But now I think it’s time for goodbye.  This will be bittersweet.

I’m finally getting my finances on track, but you cost me too much money. Even my kids are smitten with you.  We can no longer afford you honey.

I love how you make me feel, but you’re making my wardrobe shrink.  I can’t keep replacing my clothes for you, what will my husband think?

I will always love you, but I can no longer push my luck. Maybe once in a while, we will have a rendezvous, but for now, farewell my Love…

…farewell my Starbucks. 


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