Music to My Ears

Even after a long, drawn out, boring, yet surprisingly stressful, sort of depressing week, I was still able to enjoy a moment of humor last night with my family.

After five years in our house, listening to the world’s loudest dishwasher moan and groan all night (we like to run it at bedtime) as if the dead were rising out of their graves, we decided to buy a new dishwasher.  Not only did it sound like it was going to launch into outer space every time we used it, but it was getting to the point where it wasn’t doing a very good job cleaning any longer.  Enough was enough.  So a couple weeks ago, my husband and I set out to find a new one.  Right when we found the one we liked and were getting ready to purchase it, as an after-thought, the salesman mentioned something about the size of our current dishwasher opening.  Size?  Not again!  You see, back when we first bought our home, we needed to buy a refrigerator as well.  Stupid me, I thought all refrigerators were the same size (with the exception of the small ones).  They aren’t.  When our beautiful new refrigerator arrived at our home, it was distressing to find out that it was too large for the opening we had – too large by practically a HAIR!  With a little elbow grease, and the removal of the floorboard along the wall, we were able to squeeze that baby in, but believe me, it’s never coming out!

So after the refrigerator incident, you would think I would remember to measure appliances.  Sorry – short-term memory here.  Luckily for us, the salesman brought the size matter up before we signed on the dotted line.  We decided to hold off on the purchase until we had measurements.  A choice I am glad we made.  It turned out that our dishwasher opening is ever so slightly smaller than the average dishwasher – by 1/4″!!!  That 1/4″ would have set me off if I wouldn’t have known about it until it was too late.

So now a couple weeks have gone by, and as my hubby and I were browsing through Lowe’s this past weekend, we decided to stop and look at dishwashers once again.  Not only did we find the perfect dishwasher for us, but it was at a better price that the one we almost purchased.  What luck!  Delivery was setup for Wednesday.  On Tuesday, my hubby and I went back and forth over who would be the one to miss work for the delivery/installation.  First it was me.  Then he would be able to do it.  Then it was back on me again.  At the last moment, he was once again able to be there, so I went on to work.  As luck would have it, the delivery truck broke down, and delivery had to be rescheduled to Thursday.  Now it was back on me to be there.  As if that weren’t bad enough, this time delivery was scheduled for 11 am.  That would put a major dent in my day between traveling too and from work.

Thursday morning arrived.  When I was getting ready to leave for work, my youngest ended up with a fever.  Great.  But then I thought to myself – “Hey, the universe may be trying to help you out today.  Stay home with the child and just go with it.”  So I did just that.  Turns out that was a good choice.  Even though delivery was scheduled for 11 am, it didn’t take place until almost 2 pm.   I was a little irritated, but in the end, everything worked out.

So last night, after my hubby arrived home from work and I tucked the kids in bed, we stood in the kitchen checking out our new gadget.  He asked me if I had ran it yet.  Nope – I didn’t have enough dishes to wash.  Like a kid with a new toy, he wanted to run it.  So we went around the house trying to find any dirty dishes we could just to justify running the dishwasher.  We didn’t get many, but we decided to do it any way.  With the soap loaded, we closed the door and it started to run – or was it?  Oh my, it was SO VERY QUIET.  We stood there asking each other if it was running.  Sure enough!  We could whisper and still hear each other.  As we stood there discussing it, the kids decided they too wanted in on the action.  They got out of bed and came down to admire the sweet sounds of this miraculous piece of machinery.  The dog even noticed it was different.  He never paid any attention to our old dishwasher.  Maybe the noise of the old dishwasher was too much, and it scared him away.  But here he was now, with his nose plastered to the corner of the dishwasher door, smelling it, staring at it; almost frozen in place.  We all stood there in amazement.  It was a comical moment worthy of a picture.  How strange it was that four people (and a dog) could be so fascinated by a kitchen appliance.  You would have thought that it was a new invention, and not just a replacement.

As we lay in bed listening to what sounded like a babbling brook in the distance (what we could hear of the dishwasher), I could only laugh.  The highlight of my week was music to my ears – or more almost like silence to my ears.


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