Just a Moment to Let it All Out

Does everything happen in three’s?  I sort of hope so, because then I’m good.

My three’s started last night at bedtime.  I was giving my daughter Virginia some allergy medicine that required a tactical unit to open.  Seriously?  We walked to the kitchen to get the scissors so she could have her allergy medicine.  In the mean time, my younger daughter, Klara hung out in the bathroom.  I had just finished telling Virginia that her allergy medicine was a 24-hour medicine and that she couldn’t have any more until bedtime the next night, when I walked into the bathroom to find Klara taking her allergy medicine.  Yes it is different than Virginia’s  I asked her if she took hers, and she said yes.  But then I noticed three open packs in front of her.  She proudly announced, if one works for 12 hours, then 3 will work for 36 hours.  Ok, gotta give the kid credit for doing the math, but THREE!!!!  Why was it that Virginia’s medicine was so difficult to open, and the children’s medicine could be opened so easily?!  Stupid manufacturers.  I read the box and it indicated at her size she should NOT go over one dosage.  I immediately grew concerned.  Was this a case to call Poison Control for?  Would three really hurt her if they were made for children?  I couldn’t risk it.  I called Poison Control.

I was relieved to find that she should be ok since she takes the medicine regularly and it is not new to her system, but that relief was met with, “Be sure to keep an eye on her for the next 24 hours to make sure she doesn’t get lethargic or dizzy.”  It’s bedtime.  How the hell am I suppose to know if any changes will take place while she is a sleep?!  They told me to check on her through the night, etc. etc.  Fabulous.  So I called my dear hubby (still at work) and he suggested I let her sleep in the bed with me. He would take the sofa.  Ok.  Off to bed we went.

My second incident happened, when I woke up two hours later horribly nauseous.  More than that, I was flat out going to throw up.  I made my way to the bathroom and waited and waited.  I sat there an hour.  So close to actually doing it, yet unable to.  Yuck.  I went out to sit on the sofa when my husband finally arrived home from work. (I don’t envy his hours.)  Unable to go back to bed for fear of a repeat, I stayed up talking with him for another hour.  I had something to eat to help settle my stomach (which worked for a little while), and then took some antacids, hoping that would calm my stomach down.  About 1:00 am I finally felt able to go back to sleep.

Still not feeling the best this morning, I saw my husband off to work and attempted to eat something.  Klara was still sleeping, but woke up when the hubby called.  Apparently he stopped for coffee and his car wouldn’t restart.  Ugghh! Well, if things only happen in three’s, let’s hope this is the third incident and I’m good for a while.  I was about to leave to go get him, when he called again and said someone jumped his car and got it started.  He was now heading to the mechanic to have it looked at.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good prognosis.

I’m still nauseous and still have no news from the hubby on the car yet, but on the plus side, Klara is up and seems fine so far.  So let’s just hope these were all just some little blips on the radar that won’t evolve into anything major.

Thanks for listening.


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