Ah Easter Sunday. Normally a holiday that my husband, kids and I spend quietly at home, since we live so far from our extended families. This Easter we switched it up. My dear hubby is in the process of opening a new restaurant for his company, which has resulted in super long hours, and no days off (including the holiday weekend).  So the girls and I decided to travel home to visit my parents. Like my family, the majority of my cousins have spread out and we haven’t seen each other in many years. Most of them have never met my kids.  Also because my cousins are quite older than me, even their kids have kids I haven’t met.

Easter Sunday started out with a phone call from a cousin I hadn’t seen since I was 13!  I didn’t think much of it, because I wouldn’t have expected to have the phone passed to me…but then my dad did it anyway.  I was flabbergasted.  Why would she want to talk to me? She’s 10 (maybe even 20) years older than me, and we hardly know each other, and besides, I HATE talking on the phone!  I tried to use hand signals to tell my dad I wasn’t interested, but he didn’t care.  He shoved the phone in my face.  So I awkwardly began to talk to this relative who seemed like a stranger to me.  What do you talk about with a stranger?  My worries subsided when she took over the conversation for me.  You see, there are phone talkers and non-phone talkers.  I am a non-phone talker.  Lucky for me, I am surrounded by phone talkers.  How does this benefit me?  Well, when they call, I don’t have to worry about talking or carrying on a conversation. They do most of the work, and I get to listen, which is what they appreciate it.  It works for me, it works for my friends.  So I was happy to find my cousin was a phone talker.  And boy was she good.  She asked the right questions to involve me, and didn’t leave me feeling awkward in the slightest bit.  I so appreciate people who are able to do that on the phone.  It’s a skill I lack.  So in the end, I was actually quite happy I got to chat with her.  I may get a chance to see her this summer, and now the reunion may feel a little less tense to me since I have actually spoken to her after 27 years!

Moving on to Easter dinner.  We were invited to another one of my cousin’s homes for dinner.  All his siblings (also my cousins) and their families came.  I think at one point we counted 35 people were there.  It was quite the reunion!  At first all I could think was, what am I going to say to these people?  I haven’t seen most of them in over 10 years!    (Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that I’m an extrovert…perhaps I am becoming more introverted as I age!)  But it came easier than I expected.  For as I made my way around the house, I slowly discovered where my sense of humor originated.  The air was light, these people were so sarcastic and oh so funny.  Ah yes, these were the very people who I followed around as a child (oh and their children of course), and I suppose that says it all.  Even though the years distanced us physically and psychologically, time didn’t change the commonality we all shared in our sense of humors.

My girls and I had a wonderful Easter, and I look forward to the next time we get to see everyone again!

By Kris Heaton Posted in Family

One comment on “Reunions

  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself. We really enjoyed you being here and are looking forward to a summer visit….here or there. Love ya.

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