I Want Change

I am ready for a change.  Not in my looks.  Not in my family.  Not in my job.  Not in politics.  Not in the world (well we could use a change there and in several of those other topics – but that’s too far out of this blog right now).  Nothing of that sort.  The change I want is in our floorplan.  I want spacious rooms.  I want storage.  I want scenery.  I want mother nature living closer to me than she currently does.  Yep, I am so ready for a different house.

When we purchased our home five years ago, I said that it would do until our kids were both in middle school.  Well, now our youngest will be entering middle school this Fall.  Almost like a timer going off, I have received the “itch” to move as well.  I love the area we live in, but I am so tired of feeling crowded.  We currently live in a neighborhood where the houses are right on top of each other.  We have a very small yard with no privacy.  Our house is nice, but the floor plan is odd.  Every so often I look around me and ask the universe, “What was the builder of this home thinking?”  So much about the house just isn’t logical.  At least not by my standards.  Sure, we could, renovate and try to make our current home into the home we want.  But the floor plan would require drastic change.  In all reality, the time and expense that would be required is just too great.  And even more importantly, the middle school and high school zoned for our area is….to put it lightly… “EH”.  So now what?  Buying a new home would be a much better choice.

We have moved many times in our past.  Many times that included selling and buying houses.  But we have never sold a house and bought a new house at the same time.  That timing is tricky, and a grand headache I’m sure.  So as much as I would love to move, it just doesn’t seem feasible at this moment.  If only you could trade in houses like you trade in cars.  😉  Instead I spend my evenings staring at whichever room I’m in and ask myself what I could do differently to make it feel new to me again.  Ideas have been coming through, but very slowly.  I guess inspiration is all I can hope for at this time – and perhaps I should play the lottery.  😉


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