What Happened to My Sweet Child?

Unbelievably, my youngest turns 10 today.  As part of her celebration, she had a few friends over to spend the night last night.  Her first official sleepover, it’s a big deal.  Now big sister has had a few sleepovers, and they all turn out quite well.  I didn’t expect anything different this time.  But it was different.

Big sister turned into a she-devil.  She took everything out of context.  Everything was a threat to someone, and she was going to fight for whoever the threat appeared to be against.  The only problem…there was no threat at all.  While we were all witnessing one thing take place, what she perceived was completely different.  Tempers flared.  Feelings were hurt.  Tears fell.  OMG…what the hell was taking place in our home?!

My dear friend Lori stepped in to help, gave her a few words of advice and everything was fine for another couple of hours.  As the midnight hour approached, the evil spirits came back out.  Now we all know the number one rule of a sleepover…no one sleeps!  I say “rule” loosely.  As a parent I want nothing but the kids to sleep.  They have other thoughts about the situation.  Apparently my 12-year-old was no longer a 12-year-old last night.  Nope, she was an old witch that wanted everything to go her way, including quiet when she was ready to go to bed. Of course that isn’t going to happen!  So once again, the beast came out.  Tempers flared, at one point the entire group of girls were in tears.  My baby’s first sleepover…traumatized.

A long night ensued for me.  Constantly intervening.  Trying to get little girls to quiet down and sleep so as to not stir the beast up any more.  Trying to calm the beast that lurked in my house at the same time.  At one point things finally started to calm down.  But now I was unable to sleep.  So I hit the internet.  I started to get clarity.  My little 12-year-old monster may have a hormonal imbalance!!  OMG, I never thought of that before!  She has already hit puberty (quite early), so I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before!  But it was clear now…the battle she is having way to early with acne, the hot hot temper, the mood swings from yelling to crying.  Definitely a hormonal imbalance.  Why couldn’t I have figured this out before her doctor’s appointment last week?  At the current moment between doctor’s appointments for the kids, for myself, and dentist appointments, I can’t keep taking off from work!  So I started researching natural treatments.

The number one treatment to tame the demon in my home?  A balanced diet.  Ha!  I can’t get this child to eat balanced meals.  She skips lunches at school, shows up to my office after school wanting something to eat, and all I can offer her is the vending machines.  So now I have a big challenge ahead with trying to get her to eat regularly, and nutritionally.  Another option, herbal remedies.  This may offer a quick, temporary solution. So today I will be making a trip to the health food store to see what they have to offer in the line of hormonal balance for teens and/or PMS.  Yes they are directly related.

Wish me luck.  I am heading into battle.  I can beat this demon and get my sweet child back to her normal self.  It won’t be easy, but at least I think I am finally prepared with some knowledge to conquer the beast.


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