Changing the Family Diet – Day 1

Today is my first official day of trying to get my girls (and myself) to start eating a healthier, less-processed diet.  Here is how it went.


5:00 am and I rolled out of bed. What was I thinking? Normally my alarm would go off at 5:00, I would flip on the bedroom tv and watch the morning news (and maybe snooze a little) until about 5:45, then get up and into the shower. Nope, I was determined to feed my kids a healthy breakfast today – healthy as in home-cooked, but given that I was making bacon and eggs, I guess it wasn’t the healthiest choice. But hey, it’s a start.

I got up and pulled out the bacon and eggs.  I quickly added up the number of pieces of back in the package – about 12.  That would be three pieces each (there are four of us counting daddy – HEY – why isn’t he cooking breakfast?!  moving on…).  If I serve bacon and eggs every day, that’s a lot of bacon, and that isn’t cheap.  Strike one against bacon.  I started cooking up the bacon, and I quickly remembered why I hate cooking bacon.  Grease.  It splatters everywhere, onto everything, and it burns like hell when it hits your arms.  Strike two against bacon.  Cooking the entire package, well that took a lot longer than I would have thought, so by the time I cooked all the bacon and whipped up some scrambled eggs, 40 minutes had passed.  I had five minutes to eat and then I had to get into the shower to be on time.  Strike three against bacon.  We won’t be having bacon tomorrow.

After the bacon was finished, I scrambled some eggs and tried to pull a trick my <chef> husband does…cooking the eggs in the same pan I used for the bacon with some of the bacon grease.  It didn’t quite turn out like it does for him.  Nope, the traces of cooked bacon, or whatever it is that sticks to the pan and floats in the grease, made the eggs look like they were rolled around in dirt.  It didn’t look very appetizing if you ask me, but no one seemed to complain about them.  Well, how could they?  They were too busy complaining about being woke up so early to eat (I usually don’t get them up until about 6:00).  Then again, if I remember correctly, my youngest didn’t even eat the eggs. I can’t say I blame her on that one.

Lastly, the orange juice.  Did you know three juice glasses equals 1/2 the jug of orange juice!  That could get pricey too.  But I always buy orange juice, so I will continue to do so.  I just have to overlook the fact that there aren’t very many servings to a carton.  It’s funny how I never paid attention to that before.


Moving on to lunch…as I mentioned in my first blog, I had prepared a week’s worth of lunches yesterday for the girls and had them ready to go in the refrigerator.  I have no space in my refrigerator, but it was so worth it this morning to just throw a sandwich in with the rest of the meal and run. 🙂

For me – well, I still have a couple Healthy Choice meals in the freezer, so that was what I had for lunch.  I don’t know about the kids, but by 10:00 am I was starving.  Probably a combination of having eaten breakfast, and having eaten it so darn early.  I did manage to work through the hunger pains until 11:00 before digging into my meal.  But then by 2:30 pm, I was starving again.  I did bring a package of Clif Kid Organic Z-Bars  to work for my eldest daughter to eat when she gets here after school, so I couldn’t help but break into that package and eat one.  I hope I can restrain myself and not make this a habit! I also discovered I left a yogurt in the office refrigerator last week.  So I ate that as well, but by 3:30 I was hungry again.  I decided to fight it at least until I could get home.  I wonder how the girls are doing.


Dinner was almost a fail.  I got home, and went straight to the kitchen, knowing my girls have piano lessons in an hour.  I needed to whip something up quick.  And there it was, my usual dinner problem….I hadn’t thawed any meat out.  It seems to be a recurring problem for me.    So I scanned the refrigerator.  Two left over hamburger patties – two kids. Check.  Two left over ears of corn on the cob – two kids – but I want some, so I broke them both in half.  Now we had four.  To save time since they were already cooked, I put the corn into a large zip-lock bag with a spoonful of butter and threw it in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  Perfect.   Lastly, I had a package of french fries.  Ok, they are processed, but at least they were Sweet Potato fries.  Hey, give me some credit, I am not a complete idiot when it comes to healthy foods. Just lazy.  😉

All I needed to add to dinner was a protein for myself.  We had plenty of lunch meat. That would work perfect (yes I know it’s processed too…give me a little leeway here, I’m just starting).

So day one has been completed!  It really takes more planning and money to eat healthy that I would have thought!  No wonder there is a fast food joint on every corner. Who wants to waste time and money eating healthy when you can save money and not even cook?  Me and my family, that’s who.  Amazingly my kids prefer home cooking to fast food – of course, with a chef for a dad, it’s no wonder.  I just feel bad that most of the time they just have me cooking at dinner time.  But hey, I pledge to get better!  Now, what to do about tomorrow….

By Kris Heaton Posted in Health

4 comments on “Changing the Family Diet – Day 1

  1. Microwave your bacon (consider Turkey bacon as well)…saves time and less grease. Also you could cook it most of the way the night before and let the warm up finish the cooking the next morning. If you like sausage, you can precook a bunch and freeze it warming it up as you need it to add to scrambled eggs, cheese, wrap it in a tortilla and voila “Breakfast burritos”

    • I was wondering about the microwaveable bacon…is it any worse (health-wise) than regular bacon? I love sausage, but the kids go back and forth on it. I am definitely going to try the breakfast burritos though. Yum!

      • You have to check the packages on each type of bacon. You don’t have to buy the “microwavable” bacon, it all is. We have a tray (I don’t know where we got it but target or wal-mart probably has it) that has channels that let the extra fat and moisture drain off. You just microwave it based on your microwaves power setting. I usually put about 7-10 pieces in on top of a paper towel and then cover it with another paper towel then cook for about 3.5 mins. Then I look at it and remove any done ones and cook it in 30 sec increments until it is all done. We like the turkey bacon, but you REALLY need to look at those packages since some have more fat than regular bacon. I think the butterball turkey bacon is the best in that regard. You can also crumble it up to add to you breakfast burrito or scrambled eggs. Another quick breakfast is to take scrambled eggs and put them between two slices of toast (you can add a slice of cheese if you want) and voila “scrambled egg sammich”

      • Thanks for the tips! I am saving them all up for this weekend, when I can get to the store and start putting things together. Until then…well I just have to shuffle through. 😉

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