Getting Motivated…again

I’m on a health kick (again).  I’m trying to get my kids (and myself) eating healthier in my Changing the Family Diet Challenge. I’m gearing up to do my first “Mini” marathon. And now I am looking to amp up my fitness levels once again.  I was going to bootcamp every Saturday last summer with my friend Tina, but that died off.  Then I was going to the gym with my husband, but now he is working long hours, and I don’t have a workout buddy.  I need that motivation, the motivation that comes from the presence of someone helping to push you on.  Even if they don’t tell you to keep going, the idea of them being there helps me keep going.  So now that Tina has moved on to a different gym, we are going to start seeing her trainer together after the marathon this Saturday.  But I still need to work on something now and in-between those sessions.  So my friend Lori and I decided to try P90X last night. I am now convinced the “X” is a version of skull and crossbones stands for “we’re gonna kick your ass”.

Before you even start the program, you need to take a fit test and log your abilities – how many pull-ups can you do to exhaustion, how many jumping jacks can you do in two minutes, how long can you stay in a seated position against the wall, etc. If you can’t complete the fit test, then you aren’t ready for P90X.  That little exercise was enough to scare me, as I couldn’t quite complete it; and for the record, two minutes of jumping jacks are freakin’ hard!  So after failing some of the fit-test about a month ago, I let a month pass before even turning on the video.  No, I’m not in any better shape, but seriously, shouldn’t doing something be better than doing nothing?  So, when Lori said let’s do it, we did.  Well, sort of.

The first video (chest and back) was an hour long.  The exercises (I guess it was really the warm up) were quiet easy….but ironically they exhausted my shoulder muscles.  This is the warm up – am I that out of shape?  Oh well, I told myself to just keep going.  We did follow the video for the entire hour, but with a whole lot more breaks than we were supposed to, a couple face-plants into the floor, and a whole lot of laughing.  When it came to using hand weights, I was fine.  It’s the other exercises that rely on body weight that got me (guess that says something about my needing to exercise!).  At the beginning of each exercise, the guy in the video asks the group with him what their goal number of reps for that exercise.  Seriously, for the majority of the push-up/floor exercises Lori and I were happy to set our goal at 1.  Yes, that is ONE.  You are also supposed to log the number of reps you accomplish after each exercise.  We chose to skip that part, agreeing that we will start logging the exercises when we are able to actually do them all – at least one of them all!  😛

After managing to [barely] get through the first hour of P90x, we decided to throw in a little Just Dance on the Wii for a little cardio.  That was it.  After two songs, I was too exhausted to move any longer.  A sufficient start for me.  Today I am not completely unable to move like I was after bootcamp last year, but I am satisfied to feel some muscle pains when I move.  I have to admit, I like them.  They are good pains that tell me I’ve done something.  I have to quit quitting exercise routines.  Each time I restart, I have to start all over at that difficult phase again.  I just need help with the motivation.


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