The B* is Back

The Red Queen is back…well technically she didn’t go anywhere, but things have been quiet in Wonderland for some time now.  Actually, I think it has been almost two years since I have written about my battles with her.  After our last issue, she moved on to torment other neighbors, and I haven’t had to deal with her.  But I guess her wrath has come full circle around the neighborhood and back to my Wonderland.

With all the long hours my husband has been working, and with no days off, there just isn’t any time for him to cut the grass.  I could jump in and help, but I have been running around just as crazily with the kids, and now after the mini marathon, well, I just can’t move.  So when my dear hubby asked me to call someone to cut the grass, I couldn’t say no.  I got on Craig’s List and found someone local.  He drove by the house and quoted me a price.  He even offered to start right away and have it done before I got home.  Perfect!

I came home to a nicely manicured lawn.  Then I got a phone call.  It seems that the Red Queen proceeded to tear this poor man a new (bleep) after some of the grass clippings from my yard went into her yard.  NOT onto her driveway, just into her yard.  Apparently she was yelling at him so loudly, that a friend of mine a few doors down heard the commotion from inside his garage and came out to see what was going on.  The Red Queen offered him a pardon instead of offing his head, but only after he blew all the grass clippings back into my yard.  *Eyes rolling here.*  Give me a big freakin’ break!  The clippings are “so awful” that I didn’t even notice them in my own yard!  I haven’t even paid the poor fella yet. I wonder if he will come back.

It seems the wrath of the Red Queen will never cease.  Oh – yeah, her home never did sell and she eventually took if off the market.  I think she needed a better realtor (HA – she’s the realtor!).  Now I have to plan and plot to find a way to get her to want to put it back on the market once again. Until then, I am back in the Mad Tea Party and watching my back (or neck).


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