Changing the Family Diet – Week 2

I really need to start watching The Doctors more often.  I have a co-worker who just came back from leave and had plenty of time to watch the show, and now thanks to him, I have yet one more reason to try to eliminate foods with preservatives from our family’s diet – Did you know how they make raspberry flavoring?  I didn’t know until today.  Read this:  You may never want to eat anything flavored with raspberry again.

So week two of changing our family diet is going well. I spent last Sunday preparing the kids lunches for the week just as I did last week. Right after that, I went into making breakfast burritos and freezing them so they would have breakfast for the week.  I just recommend if you make them that if you aren’t a skilled burrito maker (which I am NOT), you may want to use the large tortillas instead of the small ones.

Additionally, I purchased a lot of fresh fruit to snack on.  I made a fruit salad with Kiwis, strawberries and pineapple that served as a snack and supplement to breakfast for a few days, and I still had some extra fruit left over for snacks.  Grapes make a wonderful snack when you have them cleaned and ready to eat.  For me, it has been so nice to bring of baggie of grapes to work to snack on each day.  The real key is having it all cleaned and prepped up front at the beginning of the week so you can just grab it and eat it whenever you feel like having a snack.

Dinner has been easy, because it turns out the breakfast burritos I made were a hit with the kids for dinner as well!  Even before I have a chance to make dinner, they are in the freezer grabbing burritos.  So why cook?!  Therefore, I’m sorry to say there isn’t much to say about the process this week, it has been a great week with not having to cook much!  🙂   This Sunday I will venture into making breakfast sandwiches to freeze for the week.

Remember – a lot of work on the weekend = very little work during the week.  A busy mom’s life saver!  I know I still have a long way to go to completely change our diet, but every little bit helps!

By Kris Heaton Posted in Health

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