Changing the Family Diet – Week 3

Want another reason to change your diet?  A poor diet promotes IMS – Irritable Male Syndrome – that is the male version of PMS.  That’s right men…that lame, cop-out called PMS that you like to use when things aren’t going well between you and “your woman” isn’t always a legitimate argument.  I’ve watched many a friend fall victim to a mate or partner looking to pick an argument and then blame it on the woman having PMS.  Hello?!  You did not just start something and then transfer the blame, did you?!  Think about it.  In the mean time, I will continue –  it has been proven that there is a male version of PMS, and get this…it can strike ANYTIME with no cycle!  Britt Warner has already done all the research for me, and has graciously provided all the resources necessary to prove it’s existence in  a fantastically written blog here.  As Britt explains, the primary causes to IMS include medication, excessive alcohol consumption, illness, lack of sleep, stress, and DIET!!!   So now the men in the household have a reason to change to a healthier diet as well!

So onward to week three of my attempt to change my family’s diet.  Even though I may experience an occassional setback here and there (mostly at dinner), things are going relatively well.  My pre-teen’s moods have been fairly pleasant.  Even her sister said that she was being unusually nice.  Could it be the diet?  Possibly.  Could it be the multi-vitamin she now takes?  Possibly.  Could it be the melatonin that is actually helping her fall asleep at a relatively decent hour each night?  Could be that too.  Most likely it is a combination of all of the above.  Either way, things have settled down somewhat in our home.  They are far from perfect, but way better for the moment!

This week I continued with pre-making the week’s worth of lunches for the girls to take to school.  I’m getting quite good at that task.  But for breakfast I chose to switch from breakfast burritos to breakfast sandwiches.  I purchased both biscuits and English muffins (yes, a little processing going on here), the healthiest turkey sausage patties I could find (hormone free and all that jazz), eggs and cheese.  Well, my girls have resulted to eating just the biscuits.  My eldest has declared she doesn’t like sausage.  What about the breakfast burritos she has eaten for the past week-and-a-half with just about every meal?  Plenty of sausage there!  When I told her that, she was shocked.  I guess the mixture of eggs, sausage, cheese and salsa masked the fact that she was eating sausage.  Either way, breakfast sandwiches were a bomb and are now out.  I may go back to breakfast burritos for next week.  I still have plenty of tortilla wraps.

Dinner started off well this week, as The Chef was home and cooked the first couple days of the week.  But then he was back to working late and life took hold, so we finished the evenings with some packaged stuff that I still have in the freezer.  Oh well, can’t win them all, but we will keep trying!



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