It’s Always Something

Summer.  I’m starting to hate summer – well this one anyway.  Not because of the heat, but because of the state of my house when I come home from work.  The kids are old enough to stay home now.  When I get home at 5 pm, I usually find them still in their pajamas; food everywhere; dishes and trash everywhere; the tv may be on in one room, and they may be in another room.  A domestic tornado hit during the day.  Then, the girls have the nerve to make me out to be the insane one when I yell at them to clean it all up – for they usually insist “It’s not a mess!”  Seriously?!

So I had enough.  I needed a break from motherhood.  I called out to family for any takers.  I needed to send them away for a week.  Just enough to get my sanity back, and to get them away from the “I’m Bored” phase.  Plans were instantly set up for them to travel up to Ohio to spend a week with family.

Now originally, because the weekend they were going was also the weekend of Father’s Day, my husband was hesitant about letting them go.  He wanted to spend Father’s Day with them.  Really?  The rest of the week I am home alone the majority of the time with the kids, so he doesn’t have to deal with all the yelling and fighting about picking up their messes.  So because he wanted them home for father’s day, my plans were going to be thrown out and I was going to be “punished” with having to keep them again all week.  *Light Bulb Moment*  I suggested to the dear hubby that he drive the kids to Ohio and have some quality alone time with them!!  Yeah, that went over like a flaming bag of poo.  What?!  He wanted to spend the day with them, right?!  Apparently not that much!  I had to laugh.  No, he insisted we travel up “as a family”.  I felt punished again.  But hey, it was worth the trip to get a little break.

So the day arrived that we were to leave.  We were going to take our time and casually leave the house as we got ready, but I still went upstairs to get the kids up to make sure they were packed.  What awaited me in the “kid zone” was the remnants of another domestic tornado.  OMG!  I got them up and it didn’t take long before the yelling about cleaning commenced.  Already the day was turning out bad, and now my husband, too, was anxious to ship them off (I thought – see my point?!!!)  The events just unfolded from there:

  • Amidst cleaning and packing, my eldest went from being mad at me to having a meltdown.  She couldn’t find her headphones.  I reached a point where I told her she wasn’t going to need them, because I was going to take her iPod away if she didn’t finish getting ready to leave.
  • Then another meltdown hit about not being able to find her hairbrush.
  • We hit the road without the brush and her crying in the car.
  • As we stopped for much-needed coffee, my husband decided we should pickup snacks for the road, and I remembered I didn’t finish washing my eldest’s swimsuit (it was still in the dryer) – ooops.
  • I suggested stopping at Target on the way for snacks, a swimsuit and a hairbrush.
  • After Target, somehow we got back on the highway Going south instead of North.  The next exit was a few miles away.  *rolling eyes*
  • We got off the exit to turn around, and because we were in the wrong lane to get back on the highway, we almost missed getting on the highway again!!
  • Drove 45 minutes, got off highway – I thought my hubby just wanted to take a different route – Nope, got WWAAAYYY off highway for lunch.
  • At lunch my eldest  doesn’t want to eat or even get a drink.
  • We got back in the car, and she wanted a drink then.  (gggrrrr)
  • We had to back track the way we came to get back to the highway, since this detour was only to eat, not for scenery.
  • When we reached the highway, the hubby had to stop at the gas station for smokes.

At this point we were on the road for three hours already….but only 45 minutes from home!!!  Good grief this was going to be a LONG day!  The next few hours of the trip were uneventful (Thank God!).  As we approached Ohio, we called my husband’s family to see if they wanted to drive down to meet us somewhere for dinner.  We found out they were having a coming home party for my nephew, who just returned from Afghanistan.  We didn’t want to miss that!  So we made a two-hour detour up to their place for the get-together.  It may have been a detour, but it was a very nice break from the day!

Twelve hours after our trip started (it should have been only six hours), we reached our destination – my brother’s house.  Thank God all that was behind us….or was it?  We spent the night and the hubby and I were going to return home the next day.  As a mom always does, the next morning, I was picking up the things my kids had already thrown out of their suitcases, and I found the lost brush my child complained about.  Now she had two.  We decided to stay for lunch and ran to the store for a few things.  While there, I got a call that my eldest (again!) forgot her deodorant.  So I purchased some deodorant for her.  When we got back to the house, I went to put it in her suitcase, and there was the deodorant she supposedly forgot.  I swear this child is going blind!!

We had a good lunch and hit the road.  We had an uneventful trip back until the last hour.  Our dog was whining.  I thought he needed to go to the bathroom, even though we had just stopped.  I suggested to the hubby that we stop again.  We were only an hour from home, but it didn’t seem like he could make it with all his whining.  So we pulled off an exit.  But it wasn’t a typical exit.  No – it was just an exit onto another highway – one without stops, turn arounds, or ANYTHING.  We were forced to drive several miles out of the way before there was another exit. We promptly stopped at this second exit and let the dog out.  Nothing.  He was just tired from being in the car.  I couldn’t blame him, but we were still a little annoyed.

Once again, we backtracked our way back to the appropriate highway and continued homeward.  My bed never felt so good!

All I usually ever pray for on road trips is for an “uneventful trip”.  That means no problems, but unfortunately that also means nothing extraordinary like winning the lottery on the way either.  This trip definitely wasn’t uneventful – but maybe that means I may have a winning lottery ticket in my possession!!  😉


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