A Kid-Cation

So you’ve heard the old expression “When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play”, but what about “When the Mice are Away, the Cats Will Play”?  Yep, that has been me and my husband this past two weeks.  We had what we are fondly calling a “Kid-Cation” – that’s a vacation from kids!  We sent the girls away to spend a week with family, and then it turned into two weeks.  Hooray!  We still stayed home and went to work, but even so, it felt like a vacation to us.  In the course of this two weeks, we have had several “dates” and tons of relaxation.  Here is what we have been up to:

Monday: – Sushi Dinner for two.  Not much, but so peaceful!

Tuesday: Roger Waters:  The Wall Live Concert – Awesome show, I highly recommend it!

Wednesday:  Pedicures and Dinner.  Yes, even Chris got a pedicure too.  All men should – your feet are disgusting!

Thursday:  Chris had to work, and then it dawned on me – what did I do with myself before I had kids?  Ok, I have to admit that I miss them a little today.  I didn’t feel like playing on the computer.  In fact, I avoided it all together.  Then I remembered – I used to read.  So I started a new book.  Very relaxing.

Friday:  Couples Massages and dinner.  Oh Yeah Baby!  Can’t get any more relaxing in that a good deep tissue massage!

Saturday:  Again, Chris had to work.  I started out the day with some much needed organizing.  My closet looks awesome now.  Then I picked up my friend Tina and got crazy – I got another tattoo and then dinner.  That pretty much killed the rest of the day.

Sunday: Time for a little home improvement and redecorating.  We had a very productive day fixing things up around the house.  I love doing stuff like that!

Monday: All this “fun” is wearing me out!  I got home from work and immediately fell asleep.  I napped for about two hours until the hubby got home, and then I spent the rest of the evening staring at the television.  Boy it sure is quite without the kids around…sometimes too quiet, but I’m not going to complain!

Tuesday: My friend Lori and I went to dinner and then a “body wrap party” and had our first taste of body wraps.  Intersting, but not worth the money if you ask me.  I actually felt like I was wrapped in icy hot and plastic wrap.  Now, if I can find a recipe I can do myself at home, well then I’ll give it a whirl!

Wednesday:  Feeling lazy.  No plans for the evening, so once again I sat around staring at the television.

Thursday:  Chris, Tina and I went to dinner and then were going to go to a free Dustin Lynch concert, but when we found it was standing room only outside in the 100 degree temps, we passed.  Instead we hung out at my hubby’s favorite watering hole.  That was actually a much better choice for the evening.

Friday:  Pizza and movie (at home) night with the hubby.  I still find it strangely quiet.

Saturday:  One more day until the kids come home, and I found us out of grocery (after all, I hadn’t grocery shopped for two weeks!)  Having the entire day to myself, started with some errands – shopping really.  I had an odd feeling.  I felt like I was preparing for company – not my own kids!  I ran around looking for things to spruce up their bathroom.  Then I ran to the grocery store and found myself browsing the aisles and grabbing stuff because, “Oh they would like this” or “I know so and so loves that”.  Is this how non-custodial parents act when their kids visit?  It was a new sensation for me.  When I got home, I went to redecorate their bathroom.  Well, one thing lead to another, and five hours later I had repainted it, framed the mirror, and added new decorations.  Now I felt ready for the girls to be home.  I couldn’t wait to surprise them with their “new” bathroom.

Sunday:  Time to meet Grannie in Louisville, KY to get the kids.  Yep, I definitely missed them.  I think a little time apart did us all a world of wonder!  I swear they are both a little taller, a little tanner and a little more mature.  I don’t know how long the mature part will last, but I’m happy to have them home – for now.  In one week they leave for a week at Girl Scout camp.  I bet I’ll be ready to send them off again by then.  😉


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