My girls just got home from a week at Girl Scout camp.  I thought for sure that my eldest was going to be mad when I picked her up.  Why?

Last Sunday when I dropped them off, it was just another day in a long string of summer drought days.  No rain, no relief from heat.  Most of the time the temperatures around here were at or above 100 degrees.  Luckily I did notice the week they would be at camp it was going to cool off some.  But I had no idea at that time what was to come.

First, we got there to discover Virginia was going to be spending the week in a tent.  She was not happy at all!  We were already dripping in sweat after checking her in and getting her to her tent.  Then one of the camp guides mentioned to her to keep her things rolled up, because the tents get “visitors”. Oh my, by the end of this week she is going to hate me!  But I will add here, I had no idea that the girls her age stay only in tents at this particular camp. I didn’t do this to her on purpose.  But now we were committed.  I then took Klara to her cabin.  Yep, a nice cold air-conditioned, electrically powered cabin.  Well, at least one child will be doing ok this week.

Then the week changed. It did cool off.  It started right away that night.  A thunderstorm.  I lay in bed and started worry about Virginia sleeping in a storm in a tent.  I couldn’t sleep.  I hoped she was sleeping. The next couple of days it continued.  On again and off again rain, rain, rain.  At least it did cool off! The temperatures stayed in the 80’s.  But I still hated knowing that the one week they went to camp was the wet week of this summer.  My week was quiet.  Nothing special took place.  Each day after work, I sat around and caught up on tv shows I hadn’t seen in a while.  The hubby worked.  Like I said, nothing special.

Friday finally arrived.  Time to pick the girls up.  I anticipated an upset child.  I really thought Virginia would have had a miserable, wet week.  I got to the camp and stopped first to pickup Klara.  While I was having her get her things, someone threw their arms around me in a big hug.  It was Virginia.  She was so happy to see me.  In fact, I don’t recall the last time she ever acted this happy to see me.  Maybe when she was two?  She was smiling and laughing.  She had fun all week!  Thank God!  Both girls proceeded to tell me how they did all their activities even in the rain, and they loved it.  Wow!  These were not the kids I am around all the time.

On the drive home I got to hear all about their exciting adventures. Virginia basically had life guard training and has really advanced in her swimming skills.  She wants to join a swim team.  Klara now wants me to purchase a bow and arrow.  My girly girl?  I was so happy they had a good week.  But what amazed me the most, was they were polite to each other.  They had manners!  I wonder how long this last.  But for now, I’m actually just happy to have them home.  Imagine that!

By Kris Heaton Posted in Kids

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