The Positive Side to Unemployment

So the first week my husband spent on unemployment was just a “what do I do” kinda week for him.  I got up while everyone slept and went to work each day.  I’d come home in the evening, to the hubby cooking dinner some nights, but nothing else had changed.  So while it was nice having dinner just about ready when I’d get home, it was pretty much the same.

But then came week two.  Now I am starting to see why men enjoy having “housewives”.  I’d still come home to dinner each day, but even better than that, I’m now coming home to a clean house.  Things are getting done.  The floors mopped, beds made, even the refrigerator was cleaned (and washed out)!  WOW!

On top of this new domestic bliss, my dear hubby is getting in some quality time with the kids.  They made homemade pizzas together; he started teaching my youngest how to cook; and this weekend, he gave the girls lessons in canning and making your own pickles.  Memories (and skills) I know they will keep forever.

Guys, you want a sure way to a woman’s heart – there it is!

I’m sure my feelings will change when the money starts to run out, but for now, I think I’m really liking this stay-at-home husband thing.  🙂

By Kris Heaton Posted in Work

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