From 5k to 10k…What Was I Thinking?

This morning I lost my sanity.  I allowed my friend Tina to talk me into running a 10k with her.  I had fun running my first 5k back last April, so I figured, why not?  After all, the 5k wasn’t so bad (of course, as time goes by, it is easier to forget pain — why else would women repeat having children?!!)  So, when she asked me which I preferred this morning – boot camp or the 10k, all I could think was that both would suck for the short term, so whatever.  I told her to just tell me where to be and at what time.  The 10k it was.

I woke up at 4:58 this morning feeling ill.  Actually I was having a funny dream. I dreamed that as I was getting up, Tina called me and told me she felt like throwing up.  I said, “yeah me too!”  Then I really woke up and looked at the clock – only two minutes until my alarm would go off anyway.  I had to meet Tina downtown at 5:30.  I got up, and yep, I felt ill.  What was I thinking?  Am I coming down with something or was it just my nerves?  I don’t know why it would be my nerves, it’s not like I was doing this thing to win it.  So I got ready and met Tina downtown.

The morning was hot and humid. The air felt thick.  This was gonna suck.  But we agreed to just take our time, switching between walking and running as necessary.  At 7:00, officials were still clearing the paths from the morning runners and bikers. I was ready to start.  Ready to get it over with.  At 7:10 I was getting impatient.  What was I doing here.  It was only a minute or two later that we were off.

We started with a slow jog.  I had my headphones in my ears and tried to run to a song, walk to a song, etc.  Well, let’s just say walking won out more often than not.  Just before we reached our halfway point, it started to rain. Hallelujah!  I was really hoping it would pour and cool things off.  We wouldn’t get that lucky.  Just a small sprinkle and then it was gone.

When we finally reached the midpoint I wanted to stop. If we were back to doing a 5k, this would have been the end.  I wanted it to be the end.  But we kept going.  Run.  Walk.  Run. Walk.  A slight breeze finally started to blow.  Unfortunately, it seemed the second half was more up hill (flat course my ass).  Running was getting more difficult.  Walking was definitely winning out now.  I found it difficult to even run for a complete song.  God, I love Tina and her patience with me.  She could have just went ahead and met me at the finish line.  But like the awesome friend she is, she stuck it out with me.  I figured I would run the last mile. When we hit the last mile, I changed my mind.  How about running the last half mile.  Then we hit the last half mile.  Oh, hell no.  Maybe the last quarter of a mile?  Yes, I could do that – NO I couldn’t.  I was keeping a good pace walking, so I was bound and determined to finish running something.  When we reached the six mile mark (only .2 miles to go) – the run was on.  And it just happened to be up hill.  I finally saw the finish line.  I wasn’t going to stop running.  My legs were getting considerably weak.  Where was that coming from?  But I felt it coming – the exhaustion.  Then I made it.  I crossed the finish line.  As I did, my legs instantly turned to jello.  I needed to stop.  I was afraid to stop.  Afraid I would collapse.  I worked my way back to the water stations and chugged one down.  Then over to the chocolate milk tent.  I kept moving while drinking.  I couldn’t see straight.  Sweat burned my eyes.  I wanted to pass out.  I had a few dizzy moments.  I had to sit down.  I knew if I sat down, I would either be sick or not be able to get back up.  Neither sounded like a good option.

We decided to head to the car.  You would have thought we parked 10 miles away.  The walk was excruciating.  My pace was slowing drastically.  There was nothing I could do to speed it up.  Tina offered to bring the car around, but I knew my body (and heart) needed this cool down walk.  I was so relieved to reach the car I could have cried.

I got home and sank into a hot epsom salt bath.  I almost passed out there, but I didn’t really want to drown.  I slowly made my way out of the tub and into bed, where the exhaustion hit and I slept.  Yes, it was only a 10k – and I am supposed to run a half marathon this Fall.  WTF am I thinking?


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