Fill in the Blank Friday

1.  My favorite thing to do on Friday is get off of work, because that means the weekend has started!

2.   This Friday I am   extremely stressed out.  Due to vacations and illnesses, myself and only one boss are in the office today.  This is pushing my anxiety over the top!  I will be relieved when the day is over. 

3.  The best thing about a weekend is  having time to yourself.

4. Now that summer is almost over, I’m feeling  relieved. I don’t care for the cold, but it has been horribly hot.  I look forward to my favorite season – Fall, my favorite holidays – Halloween and Thanksgiving, bonfires and cooler weather!

5. The best thing I did this summer is far from my memory at this moment! Isn’t it crazy – I just can’t think of it!  Oh well.

6. The thing I’m looking forward to about fall is  the clothes, the colors, the weather, the food…I love it all. Fall is my favorite season!

7.  If I had to be stuck in one season for the rest of my life, I would choose Fall. It’s beautiful with all it’s colors and slightly warm, but with just enough of a chill in the air to wear boots and jackets – my favorite things to buy and wear!


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