Learning Independence – The Wrong Way

Stress.  It comes and goes.  It usually comes on pretty strong when certain factors in my life come into play.  Those factors are named Virginia and Klara; my daughters.  I have written many blogs on the stresses I’ve faced with my daughter Virginia, while Klara has always been sitting quietly in the background being her happy-go-lucky self.

That changed today.  For years, she has been riding to school with my friend and her daughter.  This morning, my dear sweet Klara decided she wanted to change that – without telling anyone.  She did sort of lead me on this morning about taking the bus.  But she was very deceptive in how she went about it.  So I didn’t go for what she was saying and told her to just go next door and we would talk later.  I then left for work.

Instead of following routine, or my instructions, my dear sweet child apparently decided to do her own thing.  She didn’t show up at my friend’s house.  She didn’t say anything to anyone.  She left for school on her own, apparently to catch the bus.  So I thank the universe once again that I am on Prozac, so that I am able to deal with situations like this without losing my mind.  Instead I sat here waiting to hear from Klara’s teacher to know that she arrived at school safely.  She made it.  I’m relieved…not that I was every too seriously worried; the child has some series guardian angels around her.

I know middle school is the beginning  of exerting one’s independence in life.  But seriously?  What is this child thinking?!  I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come with her!

By Kris Heaton Posted in Kids

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