One for Kris

Thank you Tina for the great blog about me!  Don’t worry – I’ll only use my “powers” for good.  😉

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One for Kris

So I tell my friend, Kris, all the time that I think she is a witch. She has an uncanny ability to call something right before it happens. Eerily uncanny ability. This has happened all 2 1/2 years that I’ve known her and we’ve always laughed about it, well unless it dealt with traffic and then I want to punch her. ;)

Well, I also have an uncanny ability of losing my sunglasses. Well, not uncanny really. More I am about that absent minded. You should hear how many times a day I ask “where’s my phone??” So I lost my sunglasses about a month and a half ago and I just decided that I was not going to buy new ones but find those because I really liked them. And I am super picky about my sunglasses and it takes me FOREVER to find a new pair. I spent many a sunny day squinting in the sun as Kris told me “just buy new ones!” NO! I was going to find mine. Problem was that I looked everywhere and still hadn’t found them.

Then she loses her Northface jacket. We searched everywhere for it. We thought that maybe she left it on the shuttle bus at work and someone counted themselves lucky and “liberated” her jacket. In one of our searches, she announces “when I find my jacket, you will find your sunglasses”. At that point, I had given up on my sunglasses and began the look for new ones. Well, two days later, she finds her jacket. Just out of the blue. She looks at me and says that now I will find my sunglasses. That day, I had to run home in the middle of the day and what do I find?? My sunglasses.

Beware of my friend ;) I don’t know if I should count myself lucky to be her friend or be scared ;)Ahahahahahaha!!!

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