I Love Things Like This

My Army

Some Days I am just so amused with life, I feel like sharing.  I had what could have been a stressful morning.  But I’m not stressed about it in the least.

The morning started out like every other morning.  My friend Tina and her girls are living with us right now, and Tina wasn’t going to make it to work today.  Her youngest has basketball practice in the mornings, and Tina told me to let her skip it this morning.  I was fine with since I woke Virginia up a little late, and I was doubtful she would be ready for us to leave early to got to basketball practice.  Yet somehow the morning moved along smoothly and we were all ready at the appropriate time, so I figured, why not take her to practice?  We were about to walk out the door and Virginia announced she couldn’t find her school ID and bus pass. But she reluctantly agreed to take whatever penalties would arise from not having these two items (including me just picking her up after school) so we left the house on time.

On the way, Virginia had another moment and wanted to go back to the house, because she forgot her jacket.  I told her to forget it.  I drove to school #1 – the location for basketball practice.  No one was there.  The gate was locked.  The door was locked.  We were perfectly on time.  I guess practice was cancelled anyway.  So I drove back home to drop Tina’s daughter off  where she would catch the bus in an hour with Klara.  Lucky for Virginia, this gave her time to run in and get her jacket.  Still no ID or bus pass.

So now we headed to the highway 15 minutes later than we should have.  Normally this would result in a dead stop in traffic at this time.  I was pleasantly surprised to find traffic was unusually light and moving smoothly!  Wow, MUST be a Friday everyone wanted to take off!  We cruised on down the highway to Tina’s older daughter’s school.  I dropped her off and proceeded to school number #3 for Virginia.  Then we came to a red light and stopped.  At this intersection there was a pack of dogs.  One with a collar, two without and two puppies.  There wasn’t anyone around them.  Strays perhaps?    So as I watched the cars at this busy intersection, I kept waiting to see a dog walk out into traffic and get hit.  But that didn’t happen.  What I saw take place made me so happy I was late enough to be there at that very moment to watch.  For the traffic light changed; the cross walk changed; and the dogs proceeded to walk in the crosswalk and cross the street  with the Walk sign.  Now it may seem like a silly little thing, but I thought it was spectacular!  If I wasn’t so amazed, I may have remembered to pull my phone out and take a picture.  But it was a moment where time just stopped and I watched something different take place in the world.

By some stroke of fate, I managed to get Virginia to school on time, even if I was still going to be late to work.  Once again, traffic the rest of the way in was still smooth sailing, and I was only 30 minutes late for work.  I hesitate to add that so far this morning at work has been unusually quiet.  I feel as if, for the moment at least, the universe is working in my favor.  What would normally be a highly stressful day given all the circumstances has been quite pleasant.  Thank you God!

Dog Friday


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