I Have a Problem


I have this problem.  It’s mostly with Christmas….gifts that is.  You see, I always try to tailor a person’s gifts to fit them.  I may take note of things people need or mention around the holidays, and then I pick those things up for them as their Christmas gift.  It’s very practical!  But then there comes the problem…holding said gift until Christmas.  This year is turning into my worst year ever.  It started right after Black Friday.

While I was out Black Friday shopping with my aunt and sister-in-law, I came across a necklace.  A beautiful diamond heart necklace….with horns and a tail.  Yes you read that right.  It was a devil.  You see, my best friend Tina and I have a running joke that she is the devil on my shoulder.  So when I came across this necklace, I HAD to get it for her!  I wasn’t home a day, when I just couldn’t resist any longer.  I had to give it to her, right then and there.  That was failure #1.  To keep it from being a failure on my part, I told her forget it as her Christmas gift.  Instead it would be her going away gift (she starts a new job at the end of the month).  I would go back to my original gift idea for her.

That takes me to failure #2.  Tina’s second gift.  She has been complaining for what seems like months about her Macbook needing a new battery and/or power cord.  So I secretly had her daughter obtain the model of her Macbook so I could order a replacement battery and cord.  I ordered it along with a few other gifts for my family and had it all delivered to me at work.  My order ended up getting split up and delivered at separate times.  The first item to arrive….her battery.  As soon as I opened it and saw it was the battery, I couldn’t help holding up the shipping box and tormenting her with it.  That was a mistake. She pestered me all day to give her whatever it was I had for her.  By the time I got home, I started to worry that she would go out and buy a battery on her own.  That would be terrible luck for me and her!  I had to give in, so I presented her with her gift – AGAIN.  Hey, I figured I still had the cord coming, and at least she could use the battery in the mean time and that would get her by until Christmas.  I still had a plan.

In the mean time, failure #3 happened.  I went with Tina to the cell phone store to pickup a new phone for her daughter.  While there, I came across color-coded cords that I thought would be perfect for my girls’ iPods.  I’d buy Virginia a blue one and Klara a pink one.  Then they would no longer argue which cord belonged to which girl.  Perfect stocking stuffers!  But I barely even got home and just couldn’t keep them to myself.  It was too perfect to keep my sanity and the arguments down in the house to keep a secret for three weeks.  Out came the cords and they ceased to be Christmas presents.  But all were happy – including me.

Failure #4. I was sitting at my desk at work, and Tina came be-bopping around the corner.  Right out of her mouth came the question, did I purchase a power cord for her as well?  I am notorious for not being able to lie.  I guess I would suck playing poker!  It seems she was about to purchase one online, when the notion hit her that I probably already got one.  Sure enough, it was delivered within that same hour.  What was the point of keeping it for the next few weeks anyway!

Failure #5.  Tina’s daughter asked me if I had an eye-liner brush she could use.  I did, but then when I went to get it, I couldn’t find it.  I vaguely recall throwing away what I thought was a paintbrush by the kitchen sink.  Duh!  I threw my brush away.  What was I thinking?!  So instead she used a bobby pin to apply her eye makeup.  Eeek!!  So once again, I had this wonderful idea to pick one up for her for Christmas, so I did.  Then the very first day after buying it, as we all got ready for our day, I just knew she was about to sit down with that bobby pin to apply her eyeliner.  The mom in me cringed.  That was an accident waiting to happen.  I couldn’t let it happen.  Out came the eyeliner brush.  She laughed, because my problem was becoming a well-known joke around the house.  But I provided her with the explanation as to why I couldn’t keep these things until Christmas.  It was logical!!

This past Sunday came. I had already purchased National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation as a joke for my husband, but it had christmas vacationnot been delivered yet.  He was dying to see the movie and was checking all our latest technological options to see if he could watch the movie.  No one had it for free to watch.  If I had the copy I bought already in hand, I would have caved right and then and there, but I didn’t, so I was saved from failure #6… temporarily.  The movie was delivered yesterday.  I hid it with my other gifts.  Surely I could hold out on this one.  Then the topic came up again tonight.  He was talking so enthusiastically about how he couldn’t wait for it to come on to watch it.  Once again the logical arguments entered my head.  I could wait until Christmas to give it to him, but then Christmas would be over and what’s the fun in watching a Christmas movie after Christmas?  Ugh!  Here we go again!!  Failure #6.  It only made sense for him to have it before the holiday.  Seriously!

So yes, I have a problem.  The whole house knows I have a problem.  At the rate I’m going, no one will have any gifts on Christmas day, because they will have already received them all!!  No, I can hold out.  Not everything has a practical purpose.  Surely I can keep the non-practical things to myself.  Can’t I??  Hurry up Christmas, this is getting difficult!

mayan christmas 2


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