December 21st

mayan calendar

I make a joke about the world ending in three days due to the Mayan calendar ending.  But in all seriousness,there is so much senseless violence in this world (and it just seems to be getting worse), that sometimes I do wish it would just end.  Especially in light of the terrible tragedy in a Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.   My heart breaks for these precious babies and their families.

I listen to all the debates on gun control vs. the right to bear arms, and while I won’t tell you where I stand on this debate, I can tell you that the violence isn’t only due to guns.  Two years ago in China, several innocent children also lost their lives in five separate school incidents.  They weren’t killed by guns; they were killed by a knife.  You can read about it here.  And just like now, my heart was filled with great sadness for those children and their families.  It doesn’t matter to me that this took place in another country.  All that matters is that it took place, and it shouldn’t have.  So we can throw blame any way we want…blame the parents, blame the media, blame weapons, blame music, blame violent movies.  There really is no one answer.  Our world is out of control.

So Friday, December 21, 2012 at 11 pm, when the world is supposed to end, I can’t help but pray that it really does.  I know we will all move on to someplace better.  I firmly believe that.



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