photoI was so looking forward to the Mayan apocalypse that didn’t happen.  Why?  Because I am finding myself in a place in life where I never thought I would be.  Like most Americans, I’ve worked hard all my life to keep myself in a comfortable place, needing very little, and maybe even spoiling myself a bit.  Now, as I look at saying goodbye to one year and welcome in a new year, I am also going to be letting go of other parts of my life.  In one aspect, it’s a sad change, yet in a strange way, it seems like a good change as well.

You see, my husband is still out of work.  While I have a wonderful job, I just do not make enough of an income to keep our standard of living.  In all reality, I just don’t make enough for us to live on at all in our current place.  So last week, for the first time I tried something new.  I sent some old, broken jewelry with my husband to one of those gold trade-in stores.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that such a small amount of jewelry net us a nice amount of money.    So that got us looking at the rest of our possessions.  What else could we do without?  I have some other jewelry that is in good shape and that I haven’t worn in years.  That could go.  I also have a nice coin collection that may bring in something.  The jewelry I can do without.  Losing the coin collection will hurt a little, because it has taken so long to build up…but only a little.  Because the apocalypse didn’t come and solve these problems for me, part of me is seeing everything in a new light.  While I could be sad and depressed about losing the lifestyle I’ve worked so hard to build up these past 20 plus years, I’m actually not!  Instead I am being blessed with a feeling of lightness about the situation.  Amazingly I am thinking more along the lines of “this is clutter that has to go”.  It’s simply STUFF that is just sitting around, taking up space and inviting for thieves anyway.

Beyond the frivolous possessions we own, my husband is even contemplating selling his car.  Being a one-car family could prove to be a challenge, but it’s a challenge I think we can meet, at least until he goes back to work…then we will have to re-evaluate that!

So as I welcome in a new year, I accept what lies before me.  I’ve got what is truly important in life, and that is all that matters, and for that I am truly thankful.



By Kris Heaton Posted in Money

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