My Chinese Numerology Reading

As you may already know, I am “into” Numerology.  I have found that the numerology readings I have had on myself have been very accurate as to who I am.  Today I received a numerology reading I have not experienced yet – Chinese Numerology.  But like it’s counterparts, once again I find my chart describes me perfectly.  As they say – numbers don’t lie.  First you will get a description of how it works, followed by the meaning.  I have written my thoughts in blue.

Your free and exclusive Chinese numerology reading is below…

Chinese Numerology Chart
Based on these Birth Details

Name: Kristine Lynn Evener
Date of Birth: November 28, 1971

Chart 1

Hi there Kris,

Many people who request a numerology reading don’t realize that there are many different methods of numerology to choose from.  There’s the Pythagorian method, the numeric system of Kabbalah, Tibetan Divination, Chinese numerology, and more. Although each method gives you information about your life, they each provide information that you can use for different purposes.  You have already received a reading based on the Pythagorian method of numerology. This report provides a preview of what Chinese numerology reveals about you.

Not only does Chinese numerology help you understand more about your personality, it also helps you make better choices and decisions in your everyday life. Plus, it provides an objective way to answer questions like:

  • Will this be a good money year for you?
  • Should you change your name or stick with the one you’ve got?
  • Is this a good time to start a romantic or business relationship?

Of course that’s only the beginning. It can also help you answer lifelong questions about the meaning of life, your life’s purpose, and your inner self.  What’s more, the readings are amazingly accurate because… Numerology is a Science!  In fact, it’s perhaps the oldest science known to man.  Another name for numerology is the “Science of Numbers.” It recognizes that numbers are vibrations, and each vibration is different from the next due to the number of cycles it oscillates per second. And every sound, color, fragrance and thought is also a vibration, each dancing to the tune of its inherent number, which is connected to life in its own distinct way.  So human life has an intimate connection with numbers, for they are the very essence of life’s expression. Understanding numbers provides you with a simple and accurate meaning of your life in the same way as a road map helps you to navigate a route you have not previously traveled.  This report contains a reading of your personal Chinese Numerology Chart. This just may be the most important exploration of your numbers that you’ve ever read, as it was for me over 30 years ago…

And that brings us to what you’ve been waiting for.  Your birth date of November 28, 1971 is split into the numbers 1, 1, 2, 8, 1, 9, 7, 1 and place in the appropriate squares.

Chart 1

You can tell a lot about your strengths and weaknesses, character traits and more simply by seeing the number of times each number appears in the grid.  But before I explain what the numbers in your birth chart reveal about you, you’ll get more from the reading if you know what the rows and columns in the matrix signify.

Are You a Thinker, Feeler, or Doer?

As illustrated below, the horizontal rows in your chart can be seen as representing your physical body. The Mental row represents your head. The Emotional row symbolizes your torso. And the Practical row equals your legs and feet.

chart 2

Consequently, the top row includes thinking, creating, imagining, and analyzing. The middle row encompasses spirituality, intuition, feelings, and emotions. And the bottom row includes physical labor, the ability to be good with your hands, and the ability to be practical in everyday life.

The vertical rows or columns, on the other hand, indicate the series of steps you take to come up with an idea, to persist with it and then to see it realized as an action:

 chart 3

So … What Does Your Birth Chart Say About You?

With that said, Kris, let’s get right to your chart.

Your chart consists of four 1’s, one 2, one 7, one 8, one 9, when you look at where your numbers fall with regard to what each row represents, you see a picture of strengths and weakness beginning to take shape.

Here’s what the numbers in your chart mean:

The Number 1

One is situated in the bottom left-hand corner at the start of the Practical Plane. It provides a valuable clue as to how the person reacts and communicates with others.

Kris, your chart consists of four 1’s… People with four 1s in their chart find it extremely difficult to express themselves verbally. (My Friends can attest to this.  This is also why I prefer writing to speaking.) They are sensitive, caring people who are frequently misunderstood. They also find it very hard to relax and unwind. The late Princess Grace of Monaco (born November 12, 1929) is an example of someone with four 1s in her chart (Figure 3L).

The Number 2

Two is the first number on the Emotional Plane. It reveals how sensitive and intuitive the person is. This century, it is the third most common number in Chinese numerology charts. Everyone born in the twenty-first century will have at least one 2 in their charts. This can be taken as a sign of the coming of the Age of Aquarius as everyone will possess caring, sensitive, and intuitive qualities. How-and if-they use these traits is another matter, of course.

Kris, your chart consists of one 2… People with one 2 in their charts are sensitive and intuitive. Unfortunately, they are also easily hurt. (Yes, unfortunately.)  They are able to sum other people up at a glance, and have an uncanny ability at detecting insincerity. Nostradamus, the celebrated sixteenth-century psychic, who was born December 14, 1503, had one 2 in his chart (Figure 3N).

The Number 7

The number 7 is situated in the bottom right-hand corner of the chart. It represents sacrifice, usually learning the hard way, through a disappointment or a loss.

Kris, your chart consists of one 7... People with one 7 in their chart are likely to learn through losses of love, possessions, or health. (I may not write about all my losses here…but believe me, they are present in my life.)  As they learn from these experiences they usually become more and more interested in metaphysical or spiritual pursuits. (As I certainly have!) Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (born July 8, 1926) is an example of a person with one 7 in her chart (Figure 3HH).

The Number 8

The number eight relates to attention to detail.

Kris, your chart consists of one 8… People with one 8 in their charts are methodical, conscientious, and good with details. However, surprisingly, they usually find it hard to finish the tasks they begin. (Yes, I do get bored.) They have restless, active minds and need constant mental challenges. Napoleon Bonaparte (born August 15, 1769) is an example of someone who has a single 8 in his chart (Figure 3LL).

The Number 9

Everybody born in the twentieth century has at least one 9 in his or her chart. It is a humanitarian number, representing idealism, valor, and ambition.

Kris, your chart consists of one 9…People with one 9 in their chart are ambitious and have a strong desire to improve themselves. (Constantly!)  The number 9 is on both the Mental Plane and the Action Line. This is one reason humankind has achieved such a great deal in the twentieth century. However, it appears that many of us still need to learn to be humanitarians. It is not hard to find someone to act as an example of one 9 in their chart. Mother Teresa (born August 27, 1910) is a striking example, exemplifying all the humanitarian qualities of the number 9 (Figure 3PP).

What the Missing Numbers from Your Chart are Telling You

Kris, you should also pay attention to the numbers that are completely missing from your birth chart (such as three four five six ).  Why?  Because those numbers indicate lessons you have to learn in this lifetime.  For instance, people who are missing the number 4 are somewhat disorganized, often find the daily routine of life irksome, and tend to avoid hard work. They may need to learn the value of hard work, particularly manual labor.  And people without a 2, for example, are inclined to be impatient. They may need to learn not only patience, but how to admit to their mistakes.

Do You Have Arrows?

On your chart, three numbers in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – are known as Arrows. When three numbers appear together, it’s called an arrow of strength. On the other hand, when three empty boxes appear together in a row, it represents an arrow of weakness.  There are 15 arrows or lines that can occur on a chart. Arrows do not, however, appear on every chart.  Each arrow represents a unique strength or weakness. For example, when the diagonal numbers 1, 5, and 9 are present, it represents a positive arrow known as the Arrow of Determination.  Some of the negative arrows are Karmic, meaning that in a previous lifetime, a person didn’t put enough effort into these areas. These will continue in subsequent lifetimes until the required effort is made.  An example of a non-Karmic Negative Arrow is the absence of the numbers 3, 6, and 9 from the top horizontal row. This is the Arrow of Poor Memory.  These people are forgetful and absent-minded, and their memory gets worse over time. This doesn’t mean they aren’t clever. Some are very smart and witty, an absent-minded professor, for example. This arrow cannot occur for anyone born in the 20th Century because they all have at least a 9 in their chart.

An example of a Karmic Negative Arrow is the absence of the numbers 4, 5, and 6 from the middle vertical row. This is the Arrow of Frustrations.People with this arrow suffer from more than their fair share of disappointment and frustration, often because they expect too much from other people. (No kidding!  Read my posting Expectations = Disappointments.) They also tend to expect too much from themselves. These people need to learn to accept both other people and themselves as they are, otherwise they will continue to suffer endless frustration.

In the box below, the green arrows (if any) represent your positive characteristics, and any red arrows (lacking 3 numbers in a row) represent your somewhat negative characteristics.

Arrows in Your Lo Shu Grid (Western Interpretation)
Kris born November 28, 1971.

Arrows of Strength

Arrows of Weakness

 chart 4

 chart 5

As you can see, Kris, you have a total of 1 positive arrows and 1 negative arrows on your chart.  Positive (green) arrows reveal particular strengths that you have almost certainly called upon in the development of your personality. Negative (red) arrows represent areas or characteristics that you’re seeking to overcome or you may be using your strengths in an effort to overcome them.

Why Your Name Is No Accident

One of the most acknowledged sounds to your ears is your name. I’m sure you’ve noticed that, no matter how noisy the surroundings, when someone calls your name, your attention is instantly diverted to them.

The Mathematical Equivalent to Your Future

It started with Pythagoras, the brilliant Greek mathematician who invented the a2 + b2 = c2 Pythagorean Theorem.

Pythagoras combined mysticism with mathematics to construct a quotient about the future of one’s life. He coined it Pythagorean numerology and used numbers assigned to the letters in one’s full name (as well as using the numbers in one’s date of birth).

The numerology determined what innate abilities a person was given at birth to determine what might happen late in life, and it has become the source for modern numerology today.  So your name has become a very important sound to you, whether they are your given name, a pet name, or a nickname.  Interestingly, names are not given to us by chance or by accident. They attach themselves to us according to the experiences we need in this lifetime, though we are rarely aware of it. Parents choose a name for their children guided by some preference. What created that preference? Nothing occurs by chance–there is always a reason.  So your name should be regarded as an adopted part of your personality and expression.

Why?  Because your name’s vibrations become fused with your own. By that I mean not only the audible wave frequencies but, even more broadly, the symbolic vibrations of the name as indicated by its numerological pattern. These vibrations exert an influence on your personality and individuality.  The force exerted by your name on the molding of your personality depends on a few factors. But rest assured, everyone responds to some degree to the vibrations of their names.

What Your Name Reveals About Your Future

Your birth name paired with numerology can enlighten you on what motivates you in life, what warrants your true expression, and the lasting impression you leave on others when you exit a room.  As you’ve already seen, you can get a good personality reading from Chinese numerology simply by placing your date of birth inside the Lo Shu Grid.  But we can expand on this reading considerably by converting the letters of your names into numbers and placing these numbers into a chart. This is done very easily using the following chart:

chart 6

Your Inclusion (Name) Chart

To translate your name to its numerological equivalent. We place a 2 below the K, 9 below the R, 9 below the I, 1 below the S, 2 below the T, 9 below the I, 5 below the N, 5 below the E, which gives us your first name. Now we just continue on for the rest of your name to finish the chart as follows:

K r i s t i n e L y n n E v e n e r
2 9 9 1 2 9 5 5 3 7 5 5 5 4 5 5 5 9

Once we have done this, we determine the quantity of each number. For example your chart has:

Number of 1s


Number of 4s


Number of 7s


Number of 2s


Number of 5s


Number of 8s


Number of 3s


Number of 6s


Number of 9s


These numbers can then be placed in the chart in the usual way.

 chart 7

The Meanings of the Numbers

We can interpret your chart by looking at the frequency of each number as it appears in your chart.

Number 1 – Keywords: Independence, Ego

People with too many 1s in their chart (at the expense of the other numbers) are overly dominant and try to force their desires on others. They are inclined to be brutish, overbearing, and inconsiderate. (Thankfully I only have one!)

Number 2 – Keywords: Tact, Diplomacy

People with a reasonable number of 2s get along well with others. They can very quickly make other people feel at ease. They are tactful, diplomatic, and intuitive. (I think I’m good.)

Number 3 – Keywords: Self-expression, Communication

People lacking the number 3 in their charts are self-centered, withdrawn, and introspective. Their lives lack fun and spontaneity.  (Definitely not lacking.) 🙂 

Number 4 – Keywords: Limitations, Restrictions, Hard work

People without the number 4 in their charts tend to avoid hard work, particularly manual labor. (Guess I’m good here.)

Number 5 – Keywords: Change, Freedom, Variety

People with a reasonable number of 5s use their time wisely. They know when to work and when to take time off to play. They enjoy change and variety in their lives.  (As you can see, I’m definitely enjoy variety!)

Number 6 – Keywords: Home, Responsibility, Humanitarianism

People with a reasonable number of 6s in their chart are able to handle responsibility and adjust to changing situations in their home and family life. They live in the real world and keep their feet on the ground.  (Not keeping my feet on the ground!)

Number 7 – Keywords: Analysis, Wisdom, Spirituality

People lacking the number 7 in their charts pay no attention to philosophical or spiritual truths. They are inclined to be impatient, impulsive, and have no time for people developing along more spiritual lines. However, as they get older they usually become searchers for some sort of faith or philosophy that they can accept. An absence of the number 7 is very common.  (I’m not lacking here!)

Number 8 – Keywords: Materialism, Money, Power

People without the number 8 in their charts are careless with money and possessions. At the same time, they frequently have a strong desire for money, which is constantly frustrated. (Yes, I understand that frustration!  LOL)

Number 9 – Keywords: Humanitarianism

People with a reasonable number of 9s in their chart are caring people who understand, support, and assist others. (Yes, I try my best.)

What’s in a Name Change?

People change their names for many reasons. Some do it because they get married. Others do it because they aren’t happy with who they are. Some want to follow the path of entertainers, movie stars or sports heroes.  And often, people who change their name have a far deeper reason than they initially suspected.  That’s because numbers are energy which contains a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimension. So you can change your name to receive the energy you need at a given time. In other words, changing your name changes your “vibration”.  Using numerology, we can not only reveal your reason for wanting to change your name, but we can also discover a deeper side to your personality.

How Numbers Can Be Used to Solve Your Problems

If you feel like you spend too much time zigzagging through life, bouncing from experience to experience like you’re caught in a pinball machine, there is a simple and objective way to find the appropriate path(s) to take.  Although there are countless courses and seminars devoted to personal growth, the information overload often creates psychological and intellectual indigestion–and a whole new experience of inner confusion.  Chinese numerology, on the other hand, has been called the quickest and easiest method of character analysis ever devised. It provides direct knowledge of your inner self. From this basis of self-understanding, you’re able to direct a determined course through life.


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  1. I was looking all over for a basic explanation of the Lo Shu grid, and discovered this post through a google search -it was REALLY helpful!

    Thanks for taking the time to put all this information in a format I can understand. I also have the “Arrow of Frustrations” and I was feeling it today. =)


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