Kick Me When I’m Down

kick me It seems life is trying its damnedest to take me down, and while I could cry, I just want to laugh.  Maybe I’m laughing because I’m losing my sanity, who knows?!  In addition to our continuing unemployment struggles with my husband, in the past two days this is what has taken place:

Sunday –

  • I noticed a rash developing on my chest.  Allergy?  Possibly, but to what?  Nothing has changed in my life.
  • Virginia brought me her netbook and showed me that someone may have stepped on it, because the screen is cracked.  Hope it’s still under warranty!
  • Sunday night I started feeling a little ill – perhaps catching what the hubby and my child have been dealing with.  We shall see.

Monday –

  • I got up to go to work and had a case of what everyone here at work is calling the “Noro” virus…don’t ask.  Maybe that’s why I felt ill Sunday night, but that still doesn’t explain the rash.  Over the course of the day, the rash started spreading to my shoulder.  It feels like a sunburn and boy does my shoulder and neck muscle hurt.
  • Took Virginia’s netbook in to see about repair.  Warranty expired LAST month!  Well I can’t afford a new one right now.  Cest la vie!
  • My car’s check engine light came on.  In the past year every so often the traction control will go out, “service stabilitrak” will flash on the dash, and the engine loses power.  We have found that we are required to pull over, turn the car off and back on to reset it.  It happened again this past week, and now the check engine light is on, so I took it to the dealer to have it looked at.  I have a warranty there too – hope it’s covered. Oh, and while I’m at it, my brakes are making a grinding noise, so I’ll have them look at them too.


  • I returned to work feeling better, but the rash is spreading and becoming more painful, so I went to our employee clinic.  I have shingles!  That’s right, a common illness for “older” folks, I have at age 41.  I always figured I’d be susceptible, because I did have the chicken pox twice, and I tend to get cold sores regularly, but seriously, SHINGLES??!!!  On a funny note, someone in the office told me I look really good today.  How ironic!  
  • Then the car dealer called – The cause of our traction control/stabilitrak problem is a corroded throttle position sensor (supposedly caused by using cheap gasoline).  Even though I have found on the internet that it is  a VERY COMMON issue with my vehicle (Oh, and if you have this problem too, we have a 2010 GMC Acadia), it still is not covered under warranty, and it will cost me $300 to fix.  The brakes  have 95% wear.  I’ve only had my car for about 20,000 miles (purchased certified used), but again brakes are not covered.  They will cost me $326 to replace.

Shall I remind you, my husband is currently unemployed?  So I laugh.  I laugh and I laugh and I laugh.  Perhaps I laugh too much.  But what else can I do?  I refuse to go down without a fight, and laughter, well it seems to be my best defense.  So kick me while I’m down….but then you better run!



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