You Are My Blessing


Well I shared my woes for this week with you yesterday in Kick Me When I’m Down.  But it’s those moments that always remind me of my blessings.  Let me share.

  • My Car’s Stabilitrak/Traction Control Problem – After finding out it would cost $300 to fix this issue, I told the repairman at the dealership to just let it go for now.  With my husband being unemployed, I just cannot swing an extra $300.  By the time I picked up my car at the end of the day, the problem had been fixed anyway.  “Brian” indicated to me that he couldn’t let me pickup the car and drive away in good conscience with this problem taking place.  Therefore, he “called in a favor” and the problem had been fixed.  Of course the cynical side of me wonders if it really was “fixed”, but only time will tell, and for now everything is fine.  
  • My Car’s Brakes – the dealership also told me it would cost $326 to replace my front brakes, because of the grinding noise they were making.  Again, not being able to afford the expense, I passed on the service and decided to take my car to a mechanic closer to home that we go to often.  This mechanic is part of a chain, so we do have a credit card that we could use for emergencies.  (I was also going to have him look at the problem above, but that was no longer an issue now.)  😉 I was told over the phone that replacing the brakes there would cost me $159.  A good savings.  On top of that, I apparently also have a credit balance on my credit card of $100.  So the brakes would only cost me $59.  After dropping my car off, I received a phone call.  “Paul” informed me that my brakes were just fine and they did not require being replaced at this time.  The grinding noise?  Possibly due to the cold since it is not a constant problem.  Of course, he said he would be happy to replace the brakes for me if the noise really bothered me, but I’m not that crazy.  So, no expense required there at all!
  • Virginia’s Broken Netbook – I have a wonderful friend, who just happens to be a computer genius.  😉  At least he is in my book anyway, as he is always helping me out or giving me pointers when I need it!  He just may be able to replace Virginia’s computer screen for me.  I just need to ship it to him and arrange for paying and getting the necessary parts to him as well.  Of course, this is still pending him seeing the actual problem, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
  • An added highlight to the week (for my husband any way) – Chris has a wonderful friend living in Mexico, who is more like a brother to both of us.  Our friend bought Chris a plane ticket to visit him in Mexico; just so Chris could get away for a couple of days.  Yes, I’m a little jealous Chris gets a mini vacation while I’m still here working and suffering with shingles, but hey, it may just be the pickup he needs to raise his spirits and put him in the right frame of mind to find his next awesome job!

So perhaps I’ve developed some good karma that is finding its way back around to me.  Maybe I have many angels in heaven looking out for us.  Maybe this is my gift from the universe for laughing when I’m down instead of focusing on the negative.  Whatever you want to label it, I feel that I am surrounded by wonderful people in my life – and not just those I call my friends.  For whatever purpose our paths have crossed in this life, my life has been enriched by these connections.  They are blessings.  YOU are a blessing.  I thank Mother and Father God for the many blessings in my life each and every day.  May you have many blessings in return!


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