A Little Sign

I always believe things go the way they are supposed to, even if they are challenging or painful.  That’s part of our lessons in life.  Yet, there are times I still question my own judgments.

I am a firm believer in the Mother and Father God.  I keep my heart open to the powers that be, and I like to use my quiet and personal time in the shower in the morning to thank them for my blessings each day and ask for guidance.  As I did that this morning, there were a few things on my mind that were troubling me.  Rarely does a person ever get “a sign” when praying.  But this morning, I think I received one – albeit a small one – but I still appreciated it.

You see, I reached down to pump some hair conditioner into my hand.  By doing so, the hand tends to go into a cupped position.  I pushed down on the pump and then brought my hand back up.  When I opened it, there, in the palm of my hand, the conditioner rested in a perfect smiley face.  What does the sign mean?  Only time will tell.  But to me it was a simple gesture of acknowledgement   Right now, that is all I need.

stop worrying


One comment on “A Little Sign

  1. Excellent Kris…thank you for including me in on these! I have several I read everyday and I will happily add yours to my list! Sending Love and light your way!

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