March Blog Challenge – 4

March blog challenge

My Best Childhood Memory:

Well this is hard, because I have so many wonderful memories!  Ironically, the incidents where I got hurt are the most memorable.  I think I will share a few of those with you instead of just one memory.

  • When I was 8 (back when I wasn’t afraid to go barefoot), I was running through our yard.  As I approached a large flat board in the yard, I decided that I would jump over it.  It was rather large, so I didn’t make it.  Unfortunately, when I landed on the board, I also discovered there were nails in it.  Yep, one went right into the bottom of my foot.
  • The same year (or I could have been 9 already), I got up early one summer morning and went into our laundry room to get my favorite short set out of the dryer.  Back then, furnace air filters had the little metal grate with circles cut into the metal on them.  I inadvertently stepped on one of the filters.  As I pulled my foot to free it, I was unaware that I was slowly sawing my baby toe off my foot.  When I was free, I realized I was cut, and I hopped to my parents’ bedroom.  They were still asleep, but not for long.  When I looked down and saw the trail of blood, I let out a scream.  I remember my mom putting my foot in the sink and then telling me to hold a washcloth around it, but not to look at it.  We then rushed to the emergency room (my dad holding me in his arms the entire way, as this was long before seatbelt laws), where I proceeded to receive 9 stitches in my tiny baby toe.  I no longer walk around barefoot to this day.
  • When I was 10, I could ride my ten-speed with no hands.  So one day I had the bright idea that if I could ride my bike with no hands, and I could ride my bike with no feet, then why couldn’t I ride my bike with no hands and no feet at the same time!  MISTAKE!  I hit the pavement with the bike on top of me.  I had to limp all the way back home, dragging my bike as blood ran down my knees.
  • When I was 11, I used to skate board down the main road through our neighborhood.  This road was on a steep hill.  Since I never really knew how to stop a skateboard, I would stop simply by jumping off when I wanted to.  This plan backfired on this steep road.  As I got going downhill faster than I liked, I jumped off the skateboard, skidded downhill on my stomach and when I finally came to a stop, so did the skateboard – by jabbing me in the side.  The best part….I had to drag my bloody self home, which was at the top of the hill! That was the last time I rode a skateboard.
  • Also when I was 11, we had another steep hill in our neighborhood that we used to sled down in the winter.  At the bottom of the hill was a street, then houses on the other side of the street.  The biggest challenge at the time was to make sure there were no cars coming when you would go down.  One day I checked and the coast was clear.  I decided to slide down the hill on my stomach.  As I picked up great momentum, I was sure to watch which way I went so as to not hit the cars parked on the other side of the street.  I didn’t have to worry about those cars. Before I even reached the street, my face plowed to a hardened block of icy snow.  Once again, I had to drag myself with my bloody nose back up that dang hill to go home.  That was the last time I ever road a sled on my stomach.

These fun-filled days of me being a tom-boy may have faded away, but they seem to be the memories that have withstood the test of time.  😉


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