March Blog Challenge – 5

March blog challenge

Favorite Movies You Never Get Sick Of Watching

Well, there are several movies I could post here.  The question is, can I explain why I love these movies so much?  I’m not sure I really can.  I like most musicals, and that would be because I truly love Music.  I love listening to it.  I love singing along (in private mind you).  To me there is just so much emotion to music. Around specific holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, there are several movies I may watch over and over just because “it fits”.  Sometimes a movie may just play to my emotions, whether by inspiring me or just touching some feeling deep inside me .  Or perhaps, I just find the movie brilliantly entertaining, as I do with most Pixar movies and Tim Burton movies.  So I guess I cannot really explain why I watch some of these movies over and over again.  But here is a list of movies that would stop me from channel surfing (in no particular order).movies

And now my top musicals:

Like I said, I have so many favorites I could watch over and over.  This just the list that came to mind this morning.  I am sure I probably left something I love out.


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