March Blog Challenge – 7

March blog challenge

My Dream Job

Well at first thought, my inclination is to say my dream job is not to have a job.  But when I think about that scenario, I am reminded of the brief period of time I did try out being a stay-at-home mom, and I was miserable.  I can’t say it was out of boredom, as kids will always give you plenty to do, but it can become quite mundane and lonely to stay at home all day, and unless you have tons of disposable income, you can’t just go out running around every day!

So now, here I am, wondering exactly what my dream job is.  Since I do not know, I would have to think about the aspects that would appeal to me.

  • Jeans – To be able to wear whatever I like, especially jeans would be most appealing to me.  I am most productive when I can dress comfortably.  I am comfortable in jeans.
  • Flexibility – I would like to be able to have flexibility in my working hours.  I agree that it is important to get one’s work completed; however, as long as that is happening, why not have the flexibility to come and go as I please?
  • Flexibility One Step Further – Let’s take that thought one step further.  I didn’t like staying home full-time, but working full-time is annoying as well.  Flexible part-time hours would be my ideal.  Most likely putting me at work during the hours my children are in school.
  • Travel – now this could be one of those details that could bite me in the ass.  On one hand, I would love to be able to travel for my job (at their expense of course), but on the other, I wouldn’t want such a schedule to interrupt my flexibility.  So I guess occasional trips would be fabulous, as long as they allowed for some free time as well.  🙂
  • Money – now I would be foolish to not say money isn’t a factor here.  Of course money is always a factor.  A decent salary would be necessary for it to be considered a dream job.  I’m not being unrealistic in the amount, but something I could live on would be important.
  • Location – the ability to work remotely would come in quite handy with my ideals above.  To choose to work from home on occasion (such as during bad weather) would be dream job 2awesome.  Who likes driving in bad weather?

These are the qualities that come to mind at this moment when I think of a  dream job.  If anyone can direct me to where I could find such a job, please point me in the right direction!  🙂

karma bus


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