March Blog Challenge – 8

March blog challenge

Biggest Pet Peeve

HA!  I know by listing it here I am probably setting myself up for my smart ass friends to use this to torment me.  😉

My biggest pet peeve is to hear people eat.  When a person puts popcorn, chips, or anything crunchy in their mouth and that first bite takes place while their mouth is still open (even if they close it afterwards), that first crunch just gets under my skin.  And those damn Kit Kat commercials….give ME a break Kit Kat!  They aren’t tempting in the least.  No – they are annoying as hell!


That’s my biggest pet peeve.  But to keep this blog from being so short, let me list a few more pet peeves I have:

  • People that drive below the speed limit
  • People that don’t use turn signals when driving
  • When the toilet paper roll is going the wrong direction
  • Dirty dishes haphazardly piled up in the sink (please just stack them on the counter)
  • When people treat me like I don’t know what I’m talking about
  • When people borrow something and never return it
  • Reading mail with typos in it
  • The commonality in society today to misspell words on purpose.  (No wonder kids nowadays can’t spell!)
  • When grocery store clerks put one item in a plastic bag
  • Repeating myself

Goodness.  If I sit here a while, I can probably come up with loads of pet peeves.  So I think I’ll leave it here. TP2


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2 comments on “March Blog Challenge – 8

  1. Now I’m trying to look back over our friendship and try to remember if I’ve ever done any of these things in front of you. Thanks for making me self conscious from now on!!!! 😳😳😳😝😝😝😝😝

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