March Blog Challenge – 9

March blog challengeMy Bucket List

Well I had blogged once about what would be on my bucket list in My Lame Bucket List, and a few days ago, I may have thought I would just copy that list here.  But in light of recent events, I am starting to re-think the idea of a bucket list. What I would list this morning is quite different from what I last blogged about.  Of course I would still include travel on my bucket list.  I long to see the world; experience different cultures; behold the majestic beauty that is our planet.  But today my bucket list would also include this:

  • Provide my children with the most enriching life experiencing I can.  This would include providing them access to a variety of experiences and opportunities to help them develop who they want to become when they are adults.
  • Successfully support and see my children through their college years as they develop their potential to live the life they desire and are destined to live.

I realize that I only listed two things there, but these two items encompass a vast amount of thoughts, experiences, challenges and rewards.  Ideas so large that I couldn’t even begin to break them down into words.

children learn


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