March Blog Challenge – 10

March blog challengeMy Daily Routine

Boy could this be a more boring topic?  Who really cares what my daily routine is?  It’s probably just about the same for everyone!  Of course it’s a little different on the weekends from the weekdays, but still.  Oh well, here we go:

Weekends:  I wake up, check my phone for any social updates, get up, make some coffee, pour myself a cup of that coffee, then crawl back in bed to drink it while watching television.  This may last a couple of hours.  The rest of the day on weekends could vary greatly.


  • Wake up to my alarm at about 5 am.
  • Check my phone for any social updates.
  • Slip out of bed into my slippers.
  • Shuffle to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee.
  • Crawl back into bed with cup of coffee and watch the morning news until about 5:45
  • Slide back out of bed and head to the shower.
  • After showering, yell upstairs for kids to get up
  • Dry hair
  • Put makeup on
  • Get dressed
  • Yell at kids again
  • Put jewelry on
  • Put shoes on
  • Yell for my oldest that we need to leave in a few minutes
  • Grab something for lunch
  • Head out the door with eldest child as I yell for youngest to get up for school.
  • Drive eldest child to school
  • Drive in to work parking lot
  • Hop on work shuttle
  • Arrive at work – then the day can vary greatly.
  • 4:00 (approximately) – head back to shuttle
  • Arrive in parking lot and drive home.
  • Eat dinner
  • Watch TV
  • Prepare coffee pot for morning
  • Go to bed.

Of course there may be some variances each day, but there you have it – my boring routine.  😉


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