Love Yourself

Recent incidents have brought to my attention that my beautiful, perfectly built daughter is suffering from poor self-image. Of course my initial reaction is WHY? She’s perfect in every

way, inside and out. When I listen to one of my favorite songs (P!nk’s song “F*ckin’ Perfect“), I want to grab her attention and tell her to listen to the lyrics. Sure it’s easy for me to tell my daughter she’s crazy for putting herself down, but then I have to take a step back and look in the mirror. I struggle with my self image too.

I have a wonderful friend who loves to constantly get onto me about my negative views of myself. Between one such recent discussion on the topic, and today’s March Blog Challenge – 15, where I had to come up with 10 awesome things about myself, I think I may have finally reached the full realization of just how limiting my view of myself can be. I believe most girls/women tend to berate themselves. Why? Well, I can’t fix the world if I can’t fix myself, right? So I am going to attempt to do just that, right here, publicly. I will point out my flaws, and I will also provide an affirmation to remind me of how beautiful God made me.Marilyn

  1. I have VERY fine, straight hair. I have to struggle to get any style to it. But then I watch as many women around me with beautiful wavy or curly hair constantly straighten theirs to get what I have naturally. Recently, I’ve grown to really love my hair. The less I do to it, the more I seem to like it. What I like best about it? It is very silky and soft – so much so that even I love to run my own fingers through my hair.
  2. I do not have the perfect size and shape of nose that seems to be everywhere on models and actresses (but then again, they probably don’t initially either). Would I ever consider a nose job? Not on your life. You see, when my beloved Grannie left this world, she left due to cancer. I always knew her as a plump woman. The cancer depleted her body of all shape. The body she left no longer resembled the wonderful woman I loved so much. At her funeral, the mortician did a wonderful job of restoring her body to the Grannie we all new, with one minor problem – her nose was wrong. We all noticed it. You see, it seems most of the women in this part of my family all have the same nose – my Grannie’s nose. There is a slight bulb (for lack of a better word) about the top of it. For some reason, this was missing on the body that lay in the casket. But I am reminded of her nose every day I look in the mirror. It’s her nose. It’s my mom’s nose, it’s my nose. I would never change it.
  3. My face is not as slender as I would prefer. But this now works in my favor. When I was in my 20’s, life took a toll on my hormones, stress, whatever, and I ended up battling very bad acne – not as a teen, in my 20’s!!!!! I ended up on some serious medication to break that cycle, but I was left with some scarring. Now I don’t mind the extra fat tissue I have in my face, for it is this extra fat that smooths out those scars. Not to mention it helps smooth out the signs of aging as well.
  4. My body shape is what popular culture would call “thick”. This means I do not have a slender body. I never have. Even when I was a fit child and danced (ballet) regularly, I was never very slender. Unfortunately for most girls, our American society has cast this image in the magazines and on the screen that only slender/skinny is beautiful. I am happy to say more recently I am coming across more statements made by actual men that they would prefer a “thick” girl to a thin girl. I must admit I hate the way the word “thick” sounds. I would prefer curvy or something easier on the ears, but I am starting to appreciate it nevertheless. I have great muscles under my curves. I have a large bum, but I have a small waist to balance it out. I’m not thin enough to be a model, but my body weight has blessed me with a nice bra size. I am all woman.
  5. Yes, I have stretch marks. You probably won’t catch me in a bikini. But my stretch marks are badges of honor. They are from carrying my two precious babies for 9 months each. My greatest blessings. Given the choice to have a perfect body or to have children, I would choose the children every time. They are my life. The scars are my reward for carrying out the miracle of life.

Ironically as I type this, James Blunt’s song “You’re Beautiful has started playing. An affirmation from Above? Perhaps. But I hope by realizing all the positive aspects about myself, I can help other women realize just how beautiful they really are as well.





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