March Blog Challenge 16-17-18

March blog challenge

Yes I’m a little behind.  Hey – it was the weekend, and the last thing I felt like doing this weekend was sitting at a computer.  😉

16 – My Biggest Accomplishment

Now this can be a trick to answer.  It seems I had several accomplishments when I was young, but do they really apply to my life as an adult?  Probably not.  I could do the mushy mother thing and say having children has been my biggest accomplishment, but let’s face it – anyone can have children.  I am not done raising them, so I cannot say I’ve successfully raised them yet either.  So what is my biggest accomplishment right now?  I guess I would have to go with last year’s accomplishments of running 5k’s and 10k’s.  Why would this be an accomplishment?  Because I’ve never had the ability to run very far/long, not even as a child.  I ran yesterday for the first time in a few months (I took the winter months off), and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise afterwards when I was able to walk up the steps to enter my house.  This is a great improvement in itself, because I ran the equivalent of a 5k yesterday.  The first time I ran an actual 5k last year, when I got home I could barely walk, and getting up the steps was darn near impossible!  I’m still working on improving this newly-discovered interest I have, but each step is an accomplishment that I am proud of.

17 – Why Did I Start Blogging?

Well this is very easy to answer.  As I mentioned on my About Me page, I began this blog sort of as a journal for my children.  My memory isn’t always the greatest, so writing down my insights in the world for them as I see them is a good way for me to pass this information on to them.  When it is appropriate, I may not necessarily remember!  From there, this blog has grown into something that helps me work out my life as well.  It’s amazing what putting things in writing can do for a person’s psyche.  🙂

18 – Where Am I the Happiest?

Where?  I am happiest wherever I can let my hair down and be my true self; where I can make mistakes, where I can act silly, where no one judges me and where no one expects me to be anything but myself.


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