March Blog Challenge – 20

March blog challenge

Something I Collect

I don’t collect much.  I hate clutter.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband has many collections that take up space in our house – he collects pint glasses, records, Heavy Metal magazines, t-shirts, etc.  I have a few antique books, a few cute postage stamps, smashed pennies (the kind you make in souvenir shop machines), but until recently, I think the only true “collection” I could say I have was a coin collection.  I started this hobby due to two influences in my life – my grandfather and my brother.  They both collected coins and spawned my interest.  I got more into numismatics when my grandfather passed away and I was given a portion of his coin collection.  I treasured it.  I added to it.  I couldn’t spend my change without first checking out what I had in my hand for fear I was giving away something I needed for my collection, something valuable.

Sadly, due to our current circumstances (now five months of unemployment for my husband), in a desperate need to keep our family afloat, I have had to sell off some things of value – my coin collection being one of them.  Fortunately for me, my brother still collects coins.  Why does this work to my benefit?  I couldn’t let something my grandfather started and passed down to me just disappear into oblivion.  Instead, my brother generously purchased my collection; helping me and preserving our grandfather’s legacy.  Thank you Rob.  I love you dearly.

So now what do I collect?  Only memories.  Memories come in various forms – photographs, home videos, drawings from my children, music (on my phone).  Some of these items come with something tangible, but even when the part I can hold in my hand is gone, a large portion still lingers in my mind and heart.  That is the best collection I could ask for.

Oh, but old habits do die hard…and I still have trouble spending coins without first giving them a good look.  😉



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