March Blog Challenge – 21

March blog challenge

My Biggest Fear

Fear….this can go so many ways.  I fear spiders, I fear heights, I fear pain, I fear loss.  But to choose one and say it is my biggest fear, well that’s quite difficult since there are many degrees to fear.  I can say I don’t fear death, but I do fear being murdered.  But at the same time, is it really being murdered that I fear, or is it the pain that would come with being murdered?  Yes, I know I put way too much thought into this topic.  I have been asked what my biggest fear is before, so I have had plenty of time to contemplate it.  Still, I find this a difficult topic to give a simple answer to.

How does one pick one favorite movie, one favorite song, etc., when there are so many degrees and so much variety?  Perhaps it’s fear itself that I fear.  The unknown factors that come with fear.  Take dying for example.  As a kid, of course I feared dying, but I do not fear it now.  Perhaps it’s because I have different views on dying now.  But I do fear dying in pain or suffering.  I fear being tortured.  I fear trauma.  These are the best words I can find to describe my fear at this moment.  I am sure there is a more appropriate word out there somewhere.

One thing I can definitely say I fear more than anything else is harm to my children.  What parent doesn’t fear that?

So if I have to narrow it down, in it’s simplest form – I found the picture below that sums it up – It is fear itself, or better put, the “anticipation of pain”.



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