March Blog Challenge – 24

March blog challenge

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Well in my younger years, I was so outgoing and carefree, that things that would embarrass most people didn’t embarrass me. I would just laugh off whatever happened and move on.  As I got older, a lot of this trait stuck with me and it made it easy for me to get by without feeling foolish.  Of course there are times when my friends like to point out that my face is beet red by something I’ve said or done, but my face betrays my feelings.  Just because I turn red doesn’t necessarily mean I really feel embarrassed.  Most of the times where I may have truly felt embarrassed were instances that involved one of my children. Children have no filter, you never know what they will say or where they will say it, and when they don’t have volume control, it makes it all the more fun!

For example, when Virginia was three, we were walking through Walmart past the lingerie, and she just blurted out, “Mommy, will I have big boobies like you?”  It’s amazing how many people you suddenly see that you didn’t notice before that moment – all of them looking at me.

Outside of the moments I have had with my children, there are only two incidents that come to mind at this moment.

  • I am one of those people that refuses to go places in their PJ’s.  Yes I see people all the time in grocery stores or wherever, and they are in their PJ’s – Talk about laziness!  It bugs me.  Even if I decided to get up at 2 am to go Black Friday shopping, I refuse to go in my pajamas.  Nope – it’s clothes for me!  But early one Saturday morning last year, my friend/neighbor Lori called me up and asked me if I wanted to go walking to get a little exercise.  It was really early, and since we live in such a quiet neighborhood, I figured I would just go in my PJ’s and be back home before anyone else in the neighborhood was even up – after all it was 7 am on a Saturday!  We got out and started walking.  It didn’t take long before I started to notice all the cars driving through the neighborhood, then all the people not in their cars.  Then it dawned on me this day was the day of our neighborhood’s annual garage sale, and yes, the sun was already up.  To make matters worse, Lori decided she wanted to stop at each garage sale to browse. So here I was, in my pajamas, a total mess, while I watched my very outgoing and chatty friend talk to everyone in the neighborhood.  I was so happy when the walk came to an end!
  • When my children were younger, I didn’t want to send them to daycare while I went to work.  At the same time, I didn’t want to stay at home either.  So I took a job at a daycare so I could get out, make some money and still be with my kids.  I was working in the Pre-K class with four and five-year-olds at the time.  One little boy’s parents came in with a cake to celebrate his birthday with the class.  I opened the plastic container the cake came in (typical of all grocery store cakes), picked up the cake to take it to the boy as the class sang happy birthday, but I left the cake and it’s cardboard base on the plastic base of the container.  As I turned with the cake, the cardboard with the cake slid off the plastic base, flipped over and landed upside down on the floor.  I froze and couldn’t move.  But the boy’s dad didn’t miss a beat.  He scooped the cake, flipped it back over and said, “It looks good to me”, and we served it anyway.  I wanted to just walk away, but being the teacher, I was not able to do so.

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