March Blog Challenge – 27

March blog challenge

Three Friends

Well, talk about a post that contradicts my post about playing favorites (March Blog Challenge – 26)!  But I will give it a try!

Between the many social media sites I visit (Facebook, Path, Get Glue, MySpace, Twitter), I have made several online friends, whom I have never met face to face.  Ironically, even though I have a hard time trusting people, it seems I tend to let my guard down a little easier online.  Therefore, at one point I may have listed several people, whom I would have loved to meet.   But just as in face to face contacts, the more you get to know someone, the more you find out about what they really are about, and I have been reminded a few times why I have this wall up when it comes to trusting people in the first place.  I’m sad to say a few of those people weren’t who I thought they were, and I had to end those “friendships” in order to protect myself.

Even though there have been a few sour apples in the bunch, I still feel I have a few online friends who are on the “up and up” and I would be happy to meet.  I still refuse to play favorites and mention them here.  But they are the ones who put a smile on my face just about every day.  They are open and honest about who they are and what their intentions are.  They aren’t afraid to share aspects about themselves that others may tend to judge them on – which I won’t judge them on!  They keep me company when I feel alone.  They bring me light when I feel left in the dark.  They serve as a therapist when I need someone to talk to.  And most importantly, I feel accepted – not judged for my shortcomings and flaws.  Isn’t that what we all ultimately want in our  friends?  It’s sad that there aren’t more people in the world like this.  I suppose that is why it may be easier to find them online, as the world-wide-web brings the world a little closer to home.

Now to meet them in person – that would just be the icing on the cake, and a great way to fulfill my dream to see the world.  🙂


online 2 online friends


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